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Bypass Erectile Dysfunction 

Bypass-surgical procedures, also called penile revascularization, to re-direct blood past blocked arteries is one type of penile surgery.

[important]By the end of this page you will understand more about Bypass surgery and the advantages of trying 1st line two clinically proven and doctor recommended natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatments:  Fildena and Cenforce for an immediate effect.[/important]

You may also be specifically searching for penile implants instead of bypass surgery for fixing erectile dysfunction…

If you’re looking for more detailed information on penile surgery I’ll meet you there to guide you through…

This page is dedicated to penile revascularization surgery and how it’s used for fixing erectile dysfunction.

Connection Between Bypass Penile Surgery And Fixing Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have erectile dysfunction or a penis problem causing you distress, there is a possibility a vascular insufficiency is causing your problem.

Although heart health problems are closely linked to erectile dysfunction, bypass penile surgery, as an erectile dysfunction treatment, isn’t as common as other non-invasive and even some invasive (such as penile implants) erectile dysfunction treatment options.

The primary goal of penile revascularization surgery, in relation to fixing erectile erectile dysfunction, is increasing blood flow via an alternative arterial pathway, directed at erectile tissue of the penis. The end result of this penile surgery is to help men achieve spontaneous erections naturally.

Who Benefits Most From Bypass Erectile Dysfunction?

The parameters outlining ideal penile revascularization surgery candidates are quite strict in order to increase success rates and minimize surgical risks.

Here are some ideal-patient characteristics to consider:

  • Non psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes such as those discussed in the erectile dysfunction psychological area of my treatment’s chapter
  • Non smoker
  • No history of diabetes
  • Normal blood pressure
  • Healthy cholesterol levels
  • No cardiovascular disease

There’s a lot to consider because, surgeon’s need to ensure that penile revascularization carry as little risk as possible… especially relating to potential arterial function down the track.

Consider Clinically Proven Natural PDE5 Inhibitor Treatment – Fildena

If you think that penile surgery sounds like a lot to handle consider Fildena as a 1st line treatment to improving erections.

There are tons of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction but there is only 1 that’s clinically proven (in actual human trials on men with erectile dysfunction) and backed by leading US doctors – Fildena.

It’s a complete solution to erectile dysfunction and yet prescription-free, natural and will give you the ability and confidence you need to move on with your life.

Fildena is intended to be used 1st line with Cenforce.  Cenforce works immediately so that you can enjoy and respond well to sexual stimulation.

Used together, Fildena and Cenforce improve blood flow to the penis and ensures the blood stays in your penis longer to help you enjoy harder erections for longer periods of time.


Are Penile Revascularization Operations Successful in Fixing Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes! Due to very stringent patient selection criteria success rates are higher than if the criteria were relaxed. So far, documented results show successful penile Rrvascularization range between 30 and 85% in terms of fixing erectile dysfunction and being able to achieve and maintain spontaneous and natural erections.

On researching penile revascularization operations further, I learned that, optimal results are actualized 2 to 5 years after surgery… A long time to wait in order to experience a better erection isn’t it?

That’s why it definitely worth your time and effort to try Fildena and Cenforce 1st line.  It’s a tiny investment that may result in your achieving your goals without invasive surgery.

Is Bypass Penile Surgery Safe?

Being an invasive and highly specialized surgical procedure there are several risks involved… Some of which are typically related to any surgery and some are more specific and include some of the following:

  • Penis pain
  • Groin pain and possible hernia
  • A loss of penile sensitivity, making it harder to enjoy sex when you’re able to have sex
  • Clotting
  • Excessive bleeding post-surgery. It’s strongly advised to avoid any rigorous movement including sex, masturbation and exercise etc

Is this putting you off a bit? Consider non-invasive treatments that have clinical evidence support and doctor recommendations.

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