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Coronary Artery Disease

Fixing erectile dysfunction And Why Coronary Artery Disease Matters

Before we get into the fine details, the best way to describe the link between coronary artery disease and causes of impotence goes something like this…

The blood vessels in your penis, responsible for delivering increased quantities of blood to your penis when you really need to achieve a hard erection, are much smaller than arteries and blood vessels flowing in and out of your heart… Much, much smaller in fact. It’s therefore easy to see how any blockage or obstruction in blood flow will ultimately show up in your penis first!

The last thing you want to do is take a medicated and prescribed drug to fix erectile dysfunction caused by Coronary Artery Disease when there’s a clinically proven natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatment called Fildena.  Use it with Cenforce for an immediate effect and improve sexual stimulation.

Fildena is a clinically proven natural erectile dysfunction treatment that specifically targets the No. 1 erectile dysfunction cause – blood flow shortages to the penis.

You will find that Fildena is doctor endorsed (leading US doctors) because it delivers a complete erectile dysfunction treatment experience without serious side effects associated with medicated drugs.


Coronary Artery Disease & erectile dysfunction Matter


erectile dysfunction causes is an important topic to research and include in your erectile dysfunction treatment plan because, fixing coronary artery disease with effective erectile dysfunction treatment means, the difference between you continuing to have erectile dysfunction and potentially heart conditions and you avoiding a potentially significant heart event, such as a heart attack, and successfully fixing erectile dysfunction!

This topic is all about helping you understand heart disease in men and how fixing erectile dysfunction with the best impotence treatments such as PDE5 blocker treatments will help you achieve hard erections lasting longer!

Beating coronary artery disease matters!


Link Between Coronary Artery Disease And erectile dysfunction Causes

Getting an erection requires arousal, stimulation as well as healthy blood flow and harmonious nerve interaction. Anything blocking you from becoming aroused, obstructing your blood flow or interfering with your nerves, such as medications that cause erectile dysfunction will result in penis problems.

erectile dysfunction is just a term used to describe “any” dissatisfaction with erections and sexual performance. Coronary artery disease, heart disease in men (commonly), is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

How happy are you with your erections? Don’t just settle for second best, with easy and convenient erectile dysfunction treatment forgetting you ever had erectile dysfunction is simple!

If you’re in any way dissatisfied with your erectile performance, this topic is intentionally designed to give you the information you need to re-gain control and take the next step of selecting erectile dysfunction treatment options that work for you! erectile dysfunction causes always lead to erectile dysfunction treatment.

A study published the Journal of American Medicine Association in 2005 reported that, erectile dysfunction is as good a predictor of heart disease in men as are smoking and family history.

In fact, back in 2005 the following statistics were reported, demonstrating the link between coronary artery disease and erectile dysfunction:

  • 2% of men with erectile dysfunction would develop a significant heart conditions within 1 year
  • 11% of men with erectile dysfunction would experience significant heart conditions within 5 years

The messages are clear:

  • Pay attention to the warning signs, such as erectile dysfunction
  • Seek information to help you re-gain control of your life… You’re here which put’s you ahead of the rest
  • Select the very best treatment to help prove these statistics wrong!

The earlier you recognize the signs and start using Fildena the better the results will be in protecting your erectile performance.

There are always erectile dysfunction causes, impotence doesn’t just occur for no reason. By investing just a little bit of time to fixing erectile dysfunction, you could be avoiding serious down time. It’s worth the effort!

Why Heart Conditions Are Causes Of Impotence


The following steps are intended to show you how heart disease in men, such as coronary artery disease, causes erectile dysfunction and, on the flip side, how erectile dysfunction is a common sign of coronary artery disease:

  • Step 1: Understanding how PDE5 blocker treatments, the most advanced category of erectile dysfunction treatment, such as Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra work, helps us to explain how any type of heart disease in men results in erectile dysfunction and on the flip side how PDE5 blockers improve erectile performance
  • Step 2: During the erection making process, there is less activity of the sympathetic nervous system and greater activity of the parasympathetic nervous system associated with dilating blood vessels in the penis
  • Step 3: Along with the parasympathetic nervous system is the release of nitric oxide (NO) resulting in the penis becoming engorged (filled) with blood… Up to 10 times more blood than with a flaccid penis
  • Step 4: With increased pressure inside the veins, blood is trapped inside the soft tissue of the penis allowing you to stay erect until climaxing. This explains why PDE5 blockers and impotence aids work so well in fixing erectile dysfunction
  • Step 5: In men with heart conditions, less nitric oxide (NO) is produced. The walls of the soft tissue of the penis are often filled with PDE5 enzymes that deplete cGMP causing shorter and softer erections. Less nitric oxide, less cGMP and greater/sustained PDE enzymes are now officially considered the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. That’s why blocking the PDE5 enzyme, which is responsible for ending erections, with PDE5 blockers also called PDE5 inhibitor treatments, works so well! PDE5 blockers such as Fildena, my preferred natural PDE5 blocker, work by blocking the PDE5 enzyme and maintaining cGMP levels which in turn, help maintain healthy nitric oxide levels
  • Step 6: Coronary artery disease as well as smoking and erectile dysfunction, diabetes and erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are very closely linked to almost 80% of all erectile dysfunction causes. The rest are psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes


Types Of Coronary Artery Disease (Heart Conditions) Linked To erectile dysfunction

Information in my site is designed to help you beat erectile dysfunction from all angles. Coronary artery disease in men is related to:

  • Medications that cause erectile dysfunction
  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction such as performance anxiety, depression, stress and self consciousness. Although psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes are significantly less common than physical causes, there’s always a psychological element to erectile dysfunction and any psychological component normally heightens the effects of physical erectile dysfunction causes
  • Atherosclerosis damages blood flow to your heart and penis and is a leading cause of coronary artery disease. Having erectile dysfunction could be seen as nature’s way of giving you an early warning sign of potentially life threatening heart conditions


erectile dysfunction And Atherosclerosis


What is atherosclerosis?

Great place to start… erectile dysfunction, caused by heart conditions such as atherosclerosis, involves plaque (fatty deposits) building up in your arteries resulting in less blood flowing throughout your body. One of the first places to experience blood flow problems is your penis. Atherosclerosis is a leading cause of coronary artery disease.

erectile dysfunction, as a result of atherosclerosis, is very common. The bright side to this story is it’s treatable as long as you’re paying attention to the early warning signs and take action. In fact, erectile dysfunction caused by coronary artery disease is not only treatable, with the right treatment you should be able to forget you ever had erectile dysfunction. You’re definitely on the right track by seeking information.

Fildena is a clinically proven natural erectile dysfunction treatment in men with mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction.  It’s natural but the manufacturers have invested considerable resources into providing it’s results are comparable to medicated treatments.

Simply click here to review the clinical study results for yourself!


Causes Of Atherosclerosis And Coronary Artery Disease

I’m betting you already know most if not all leading causes of heart disease in men… Am I right? It’s just so simple to ignore the signs and continue enjoying life until erectile dysfunction kicks in!

As a brief refresher, here are some of the more common causes of heart disease in men:

  • Smoking and erectile dysfunction are very closely linked because, if you smoke you’re more than twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction in addition to atherosclerosis and various heart conditions. Smoking increases plaque build up in your arteries resulting in less blood flowing into your penis when you really need to achieve a quality erection
  • Are you diabetic? Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are also tied very closely together. Diabetes destroys blood vessels resulting in less blood flowing throughout your body, especially to your penis. It’s therefore very important to ensure you have your diabetes under control at all times
  • Are you overweight or possibly obese? A side effect of being overweight is excess fatty deposits in your body, in particular your arteries and blood vessels. Again, the more fatty deposits you have the less space your arteries have to transport blood. It’s similar to having blocked pipes… Eventually, something will give.Being overweight also reduces energy levels, heightens self consciousness, increases your risk of becoming diabetic, increases your chances of having certain types of cancers and can even result in a low libido or possibly a loss of interest in sex
  • Having diabetes and being overweight are contributors to high “bad” cholesterol (LDL), insufficient “good” cholesterol (HDL) resulting in atherosclerosis and probably erectile dysfunction. If you have diabetes, just make sure you’re taking medication that regulates blood sugar levels as well as supports HDL and LDL cholesterols. There are oral diabetic medications available that can help regulate the quality of your blood
  • Are you stressed? Do you lead a stressful life? Stress is a huge contributor to erectile dysfunction. Stress causes psychogenic erectile dysfunction by making it harder for you to enjoy sex and respond well to arousal, as well as physical erectile dysfunction by causing elevated blood pressure levels and tightening of the muscles


GOOD NEWS – erectile dysfunction Treatment Options

Top Coronary Artery Disease Treatments…

Out of all erectile dysfunction topics discussed in my site, talking about erectile dysfunction causes in probably one of the hardest because, for 50% of each topic, I’m forced to point out everything you’re doing wrong. So, without further delay, let’s get into simple and very effective ways of fixing erectile dysfunction by getting any heart conditions under control! This is the part I love so much…

Fixing erectile dysfunction with the right treatment is simple… You just need to start today!

  • Option 1: Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

There are tons of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.  Most don’t work!  Fildena is a clinically proven and US doctor recommended natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that’s been proven to deliver results comparable to prescribed treatments.

A selection of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction can and will help many types of coronary artery disease such as: helping you lower bad cholesterol levels, regular blood pressure levels, help control blood sugar levels, reduce excess body fat, help you give up smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, improve circulation, convert the food you eat into energy, increase strength and energy levels, thin the blood naturally as well as feed the blood with important nutrients.

Some natural remedies for erectile dysfunction are also especially designed to help boost a low libido and reduce stress. However, when it comes to improving, hardening and lengthening the duration of erections there’s nothing better for most men than PDE5 blockers.

  • Option 2: PDE5 Bockers

PDE5 blockers, also called PDE-5 inhibitor treatments are a category of erectile dysfunction treatment options that include: Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra.

Fildena is also the only recognized and approved natural PDE5 inhibitor treatment.

When it comes to coronary artery disease, they’re without doubt, my absolute preferred erectile dysfunction treatment option for most men.

Simply put, PDE5 blockers are pure bred erection enhancers. They work so well because, as explained above, they target nitric oxide levels, cGMP levels and block the enzyme called PDE-5 that’s responsible for breaking down erections.

PDE5 blockers benefit you because, they provide hard erections lasting longer regardless whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, excess fats, depression or prostate problems. Imagine being able to take 1 simple, convenient, discreet and fast working pill that helps you achieve quality erections without you making any lifestyle changes.

Fildena is my No. 1 1st line PDE5 blocker because it’s natural, targets the core problem associated with erectile dysfunction and compliments good health!

  • Option 3: Penile injections

Penile injections are also very effective if you have any nerve damage caused by a spinal cord injury, coronary artery disease, an injury to the pelvis or even some blood flow blockage causing your penis problems and if leading erectile dysfunction treatments such as PDE5 blocker treatments aren’t giving you the results you need… Which, in my experience, is very uncommon. Penile injections are usually painless and thankfully self-administered.

  • Option 4: Topical Cream Treatments – Cenforce

Topical cream treatments, such as Befar, contain similar active ingredients to those used in penile injections but, guess what? Sildamax delivery active ingredients in a completely painless and non-invasive topical cream form… An example of topical alprostadil (active ingredient) is Befar and excellent results have been associated with this erectile dysfunction treatment also.

Cenforce is clinically proven to work with Fildena pills and delivers immediate results that improve sexual stimulation, blood flow and hardness.  It also improves orgasms.

  • Options 5: Impotence aids

Impotence aids, such as erectile dysfunction aids and erectile dysfunction vacuums, are clinically proven to significantly boost blood flow to the penis causing an erection lasting long enough to enjoy pleasurable intercourse. In fact, as a non-invasive option, impotence aids are extremely effective and are easily and discreetly bought with other erectile dysfunction treatments on-line. If heart conditions is relevant to you, don’t leave my site without reviewing impotence aids as well as my top two options PDE5 blockers and natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

  • Option 6: Exercise erectile dysfunction and health for men erectile dysfunction

Exercise erectile dysfunction and health for men erectile dysfunction should also be part of any successful erectile dysfunction treatment plan because, a healthy diet and some exercise will boost blood flow, improve vascular function and help improve erections! If you have any coronary artery disease, such as atherosclerosis, exercise and managing a healthy diet will greatly assist you in reducing your chances of complications down the track and help fix erectile dysfunction.

  • Option 7: Acupuncture erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture erectile dysfunction isn’t one of my favorite erectile dysfunction treatment options. However, as a supplement to other impotence treatments, the benefits of acupuncture are well documented to improve blood flow and erectile performance.

The key to any successful erectile dysfunction treatment plan is incorporating a combination of impotence treatments as well as elements of erectile dysfunction psychological treatment. Psychological treatment is often forgotten in erectile dysfunction treatment plans even though there is always a psychological component linked to having penis problems.

Let me help you with an important tip… Although erectile dysfunction psychological treatment seems like something you wouldn’t be prepared to commit to, as an erectile dysfunction pharmaceutical representative I see how many re-gain confidence by adding a few elements of erectile dysfunction therapy to their treatment.

Remember, being confident and stress free helps you enjoy and respond well to arousal and sexual stimulation. Without arousal and stimulation, there’s no erection!


A Word Of Caution About Nitrates And “Medicated” PDE5 Blocker


  • Do you take any nitrate based medication?
  • Do you currently take or are you considering taking PDE5 blockers?

This important topic about coronary artery disease wouldn’t be complete without a friendly word of caution… If you’re taking nitrates, for heart, chest pain or possibly angina it’s important to consult your doctor before taking PDE5 blockers.

Nitrates, such as NitroBid, Nitro-Dur and Imdur (there are others as well) work by reducing blood pressure. PDE5 blockers also reduce blood pressure and together, you could experience a sudden and severe drop in blood pressure.

This is just another example of finding erectile dysfunction treatment options suited to your impotence needs and lifestyle needs. The best erectile dysfunction treatment types won’t require you to change anything… This is the key!

BUT, Fildena is a natural PDE5 inhibitor that is NOT associated with these problems!  Just another advantage of Fildena.  Check out the clinical trial results now.

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