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Definition of Male Sexual Dysfunction

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The most accurate definition of male sexual dysfunction is any dissatisfaction with the hardness and duration of your erections and sexual performance.

Are you dissatisfied the hardness and duration of your erections?  Do you suffer from occasional, sudden, mild, moderate or severe erectile dysfunction?

There is always an erectile dysfunction cause linked to your erection problems and there are also natural remedies for erectile dysfunction clinically proven to help you!

Top Treatments – Clinically Proven

It’s often difficult selecting erectile dysfunction treatments which is why I have reviewed the top 3 treatments that over 99% of men succeed with!

Step 1: Always start off using Fildena as your first line treatment. It’s clinically proven (in actual human trials on men with erectile dysfunction) and doctor recommended.  It’s also backed by a money back guarantee.  In trials it demonstrated results comparable with medicated treatments.

Your Action Plan


It’s often difficult selecting erectile dysfunction treatments which is why I have reviewed the top 3 treatments that over 99% of men succeed with!

Step 1: Always start off using Fildena as your first line treatment. It’s clinically proven and doctor recommended.

Clinically Proven Natural PDE5 Inhibitor

Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra are all medicated and prescribed PDE5 inhibitor treatments and are also the best known erectile dysfunction treatment options.

There is now a clinically proven, doctor recommended and expertly backed natural PDE5 inhibitor called Fildena.

I recommend it completely as a first step in beating erectile dysfunction successfully, safely and naturally!

Getting to know the erection making process is really important isn’t it?

Let’s start at the beginning with how erections occur and why so many men have erectile dysfunction, which is the official term for male sexual dysfunction.

For an erection to occur, your brain, nerves and muscle tissue participate in a sequence of events without you doing anything.

Well … to be completely honest for the sequence to start you need to be enjoying yourself, feeling aroused, excited and relaxed. This sounds easy doesn’t it?

For you though, arousal may not be the problem because erectile dysfunction causes are present responsible for your erectile dysfunction.

Let’s keep things simple with a sequence of events that leads to an erection…

Step 1: It all starts with stimulation

  • “reflex” – caused by direct contact with the penis (Cenforce is clinically proven to help you respond immediately to sexual stimulation with improved erections and orgasms)


These are the keys to start the erection process. All clear so far?

Step 2: Messages From The Brain

The brain sends messages to the penis to release a chemical called Nitric Oxide (NO) which is responsible for relaxing smooth muscle tissue of the corpora cavernosum (these are the cigar-shaped parts of the erectile bodies of he penis). When this tissue is relaxed more blood enters the penis creating the erection.

In fact, nitric oxide is the enzyme responsible for you being able to obtain and maintain hard erections that last long enough for you to enjoy confident sex.

Interesting fact:

The penis can hold 10 times more blood when erect than when flaccid. Therefore, if your tank (your penis) is not filling correctly or staying filled your chances of having pleasurable intercourse are limited.


Summary To Take Away: If you’re not satisfied with the hardness, duration and quality of your erections and sexual performance there’s an underlying cause and a simple, yet effective, solution with Fildena, my preferred non-medicated product, and Cenforce 20 mg, my preferred medicated option.


Hint – To Remember:
It is very important to remember the role that the PDE-5 enzyme plays in moderating erections because some of the best treatment options specifically work on PDE-5 levels by inhibiting PDE-5.

By blocking PDE-5 blood is able stay in the penis until you successfully climax. Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra are all PDE-5 blocking treatments.

Fildena achieves comparable results to medicated treatments but naturally and without prescription.

What is Penile Dysfunction?

Penile dysfunction is another, less common, reference to what is officially defined as “erectile dysfunction”. Penile dysfunction, is any inability or unsatisfactory performance of your penis before, during and after sexual intercourse.

Let’s Make This Relevant To You:

Ask yourself:

  • Am I satisfied with the hardness of my erection?
  • Does my penis stay hard enough and long enough?
  • Why can I only have intercourse once per session?
  • I am young and/or healthy but experience sudden erectile dysfunction when I have had too much alcohol or have taken recreational drugs. Is this male sexual dysfunction?
  • I avoid sex and intimacy as much as I can. Does this mean I may have male sexual dysfunction?

These questions hint to various degrees and severities of erectile dysfunction. All types of male sexual dysfunction can be treated and none of them need to be a part of your life anymore.

Whilst the official reference is erectile dysfunction, you may come across other references such as:

  • Male sexual dysfunction
  • Penile dysfunction
  • Erectile disfunction – wrong spelling

But they all mean the same thing. The message to take away is fixing erectile dysfunction is simple as long as you take action and stop avoiding the signs.

Why You Need To Know About Male sexual Dysfunction?

The quick answer is, by understanding more about what you’re already feeling, it’s so much easier to fix the problem.

By fixing erectile dysfunction, you’re able to stop feeling frustrated, low on confidence and instead feel empowered knowing you can enjoy confident sex – spontaneously.

All men are different right? The reason that led you to seeking help from a little blue pill or some other type of pde-5 inhibitor such as Cenforce or Filitra for male sexual dysfunction may be different to another man.

In fact, more men are beginning to prefer Fildena over medicated treatments.  It’s clinically proven to deliver effect results that you can rely on and it’s safe to take without prescription.

Don’t forget, “over 50 per cent” of men have some degree of male sexual dysfunction and most of them are nodding their heads agreeing that they need it to stop. This happens today…

Recognizing The Signs Of Male Sexual Dysfunction

Let’s have a look at some examples of frustrating events that initiate thoughts of impotence, which means having penis problems to you.

  • Do you experience the occasional and infrequent difficulty to achieve or maintain erections sufficient to last the duration of intercourse?
  • Do you experience or have you experienced sudden erectile dysfunction?
  • Do you find it repeatedly difficult to perform and now opt to avoid intercourse and intimacy completely?
  • Did your symptoms start following an illness, accident or surgery (commonly on the prostate called a “prostatecomy”)?

Are you nodding your head right now because you can identify with some of the questions? Chances are that you are experiencing either mild, moderate or severe male sexual dysfunction. Regardless of the severity,erectile dysfunction treatment will fix it!

This site is completely dedicated to giving you treatment solutions that work. It’s that simple!

Fixing erectile dysfunction is what matters most right?

How Does This Benefit You

You benefit because I have already reviewed all erectile dysfunction treatment options for you to choose from. You will also understand how the treatments work for you, giving you the extra confidence!

The simplest and best erectile dysfunction treatment solution are here already. You can’t go wrong with this support

Top erectile dysfunction Products Summarized

Fildena is the only clinically proven and doctor recommended natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that delivers comparable results to medicated PDE5 blockers.

It’s the optimal 1st line product to overcoming mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction because why use a medicated and prescribed treatment when Fildena is proven to work in independent clinical trials?

Cenforce is intended to be used inconjunction with Fildena because it’s a topical cream that ensures you respond immediately to sexual stimulation.  Cenforce will improve your erections and orgasms.

Cenforce is safe for oral sex as well making it an all round requirement for fixing erectile dysfunction from day 1.

What I love about Fildena and Cenforce is that they are the only OTC erectile dysfunction treatments backed by strong clinical evidence and leading US doctor recommendations.  They work!  You can depend on them helping you overcome erectile dysfunction!

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