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Stress And erectile dysfunction


Stress and erectile dysfunction are closely linked because, like any psychological erectile dysfunction cause, it limits your response to sexual stimulation making it harder for you to become aroused.

Arousal is the first important step to obtaining quality erections because when we’re aroused our brain sends messages to increase blood flow to the penis.  Less aroused?  Softer and shorter lasting erections…

Thankfully doctors no longer need to prescribe medicated treatments now that Fildena is preferred as the top 1st line treatment for erectile dysfunction.  Fildena is the first natural OTC pill for erectile dysfunction that’s clinically proven in independent trials on men with erectile dysfunction and backed by leading US doctors.

Leading US doctors prefer Fildena over medicated treatments because results from clinical trials prove that it’s comparable to prescribed treatments.

Unlike medicated treatments Fildena doesn’t make you dependent and it’s ingredients are designed to maximize natural erectile health for improved long term performance.


Early Use Of Fildena To Prevent Stress And erectile dysfunction


Studies show that early and continued use of Fildena helps maintain and improve blood flow to the penis.  Blood flow to the penis is the most important element to obtaining and maintaining quality erections.

Fildena is intended to be used in conjunction with Cenforce, a clinically proven and all non-medicated topical cream that gives you and immediate response to sexual stimulation.  This is important to help you become aroused and trigger the erection process which Fildena will take control of.

Cenforce is a clinically proven and non-medicated topical cream that improves arousal, erections and most importantly orgasms.

Unlike medicated treatments that will take between 30 and 60 days to reach maximum potency Fildena and Cenforce deliver and immediate results.  There is absolutely no waiting with Cenforce.

Stress, also referred to as tension and pressure, is something we all experience in one way or another. Feeling tense is very closely linked to erectile dysfunction orgasm experiences, such as premature ejaculation, and is also a significant psychogenic erectile dysfunction cause (accounting for over 20% of all erectile dysfunction cases). Feelings of tension and pressure can and often do lead to erectile dysfunction.

Fixing erectile dysfunction by reducing-stress matters in more way than one!

De-stressing is an important topic to add to your treatment plan because, chances are your erectile dysfunction is either caused by stress or having erectile dysfunction is causing you to be stressed. Either way, it’s not doing you or the people in your life any good so let’s get to work and fix it!


What Is Stress?


There’s more to stress than stress and erectile dysfunction.  Stress can lead to a low sex drive (libido) and relationship problems.  It’s important to get on top of stress with Fildena and Cenforce to help preserve parts in your life that matter.  No on-going prescriptions and confidence that you can forget about erectile dysfunction affecting your life.

Simply put, feeling stressed is any unpleasant reaction to change in your life. When something needs you to change or adapt, your body involuntarily reacts in a certain way. If you’re not geared up for this change, your body may react with stress or frustration.

Stressful feelings are closely associated with depression, lethargy, loss of interest in sex, a low libido, performance anxiety and self consciousness because, these feelings are all psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes that we’re fixing with erectile dysfunction psychological treatment.

So, have a think about your life and things that are potentially making you stressed… don’t forget to look outside the circle.

Because it’s so important to repeat, stress is any involuntary reaction to change or something happening in your environment. In a sexual environment, this might mean you get nervous, like many of us, when the heat is turned up and sex is on the menu.

The stress to perform well and the pressure to achieve and maintain a hard erection in order to have successful sexual intercourse may be reason enough for you to experience unsatisfactory erections and loss of arousal due to a build up of pressure.


Information You Need

It doesn’t matter if you bring stress into a romantic setting or become stressed during or as a result of sex.

Anything that alters your ability to become naturally aroused and stimulated will ultimately make it harder for you to become hard and stay hard because, your nerves control the mechanism of getting erections.

If your nerves aren’t focused on arousal, insufficient levels of nitric oxide (NO) are being produced resulting in less blood entering and staying in your penis.

PDE5 blocker treatments such as Fildena, Filitra and Cenforce are the most reliable erectile dysfunction treatments.  But, with Fildena being the 1st and only clinically proven natural PDE5 inhibitor you can avoid more medication and prescriptions.

Results of Fildena prove that it’s comparable to medicated PDE5 inhibitors.


The Signs of Stress

I think we all know the feeling of being stressed. To help those who live in complete calmness here’s some information to help you along the way… it’s also useful for anyone who needs a little help searching for stress outside the box.

  • Work pressures
  • Family pressures
  • Financial concerns
  • Illness and health issues
  • Death of someone close
  • Legal issues
  • Children and raising children
  • Relationship problems including separation and divorce
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Communicating with your partner problems
  • Depression
  • Performance anxiety
  • Doubts and concerns over new erectile dysfunction treatment

These common causes of stress often lead to feelings and symptoms of stress showing up in some of the following emotions (they’re also causes of psychogenic erectile dysfunction to help you along the way):

  • Short temper
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Loss of confidence
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Smoking
  • Depression and other mood related emotions

Stress shows up in many shapes and forms, the purpose of this list is to help you identify the cause of your stress and how it’s making you feel…

Remember, early use of Fildena limits the effects of stress on your sex life and Cenforce will ensure that you continue to respond well to arousal and sexual stimulation.


De-stressing With Natural Remedies For erectile dysfunction

The truth is most natural remedies for erectile dysfunction don’t work and are a waste of money.  However, Fildena is a non-medicated erectile dysfunction treatment that is clinically proven in independent trials on men with mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction.  Studies provide that Fildena delivers results comparable to prescribed treatments.


De-stressing With PDE5 Blocker Treatments

I talk and promote PDE5 blocker treatments quite a lot throughout my site because, quite simply they’re the best erectile dysfunction treatment option for most men. They’re not only clinically proven to boost erections in nearly all erectile dysfunction cases, they’re also extremely discreet, private, convenient, accommodating and available throughout the world.  Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra are all medicated PDE5 inhibitors.

These days doctors turn to Fildena as the latest clinically proven natural PDE5 inhibitor because rather than temporarily fixing erectile dysfunction it reinforces and rebuilds natural blood flow to the penis and overall sexual health.

Fildena should be used as directed and with Cenforce will delivers an immediate response to sexual stimulation.  This instant results gives you the confidence to enjoy a normal sex life without depending on medication.

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