May 24 2012

Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction

Do you suffer from diabetes?

Diabetes and pre-diabetes are key causes of erectile dysfunction. If you suffer from either type I or type II diabetes there is a very high likelihood you will experience sudden, frequent and even severe erectile dysfunction.

In this brief article I will explain why diabetes causes soft and weak erections or possibly no erectile ability and detailed information about how you can stop diabetes affecting your sex life and confidence very quickly and completely naturally.

Why diabetes causes erectile dysfunction

There are many reasons why diabetes can lead to ED, here are the top 2:

1.  Diabetes causes a reduction in blood flow throughout your body and any change in blood flow, especially to your penis, will result in erectile difficulties.  In fact, in order for you to obtain and maintain optimal erections you require at least 10 times more blood to enter and stay inside the soft tissue of your penis.  Anything less will cause impotence.

2.  Diabetes often results in a low libido (sex drive) because you are often tired, strained, low on energy and lethargic.  Most of don’t realize the importance of a healthy libido and arousal when it comes to erections but the truth is, arousal is the single most important step in the erection process.

Why arousal matters

If you struggle becoming aroused and sexually excited you will find it difficult to experience maximum hardness and duration because arousal is the trigger to the erection process.  Here’s how it works:

  • When you’re aroused your brain sends a message to increase production of nitric oxide.
  • Nitric oxide is the single most important substance in the erection process because it causes your blood vessels to expand resulting in optimal blood flow to your muscles and penis.
  • Nitric oxide is also maintained when you’re aroused which is important in maintaining erections.

Natural treatment for diabetes and erectile dysfunction

There are 2 completely natural and guaranteed to work treatments for diabetes and it’s effects on your sex life.  In my experience researching and understanding the causes, effects and treatments of ED I have never come across a more effective duo:

  • Cream that delivers instant results to ensure you will obtain and maintain erections:  Tadalista
  • Pills that relieve all the effects of ED:  Fildena

You don’t necessarily need to use both products because they are effective as stand-alone treatments.  However, together they are suitable for men experiencing frequent and severe erectile dysfunction.

The cream is recommended for men who don’t like pills and who want instant results and complete control over their erections.  No waiting means no planning!

With Tadalista you will experience very quick improvements but with the pills, like any pills, you will need to allow a few days to begin noticing improvements.

What do these products work?

These two erection enhancers work for these defined reasons:

  1. They are clinically proven
  2. Guaranteed to work – or your money back
  3. Available to try – risk free (check out the offers)
  4. Deliver optimal blood to your penis for maximum hardness and duration

When you compare the results and benefits of these natural ED treatments you will surely understand why so many men prefer them over prescription drugs!




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May 14 2012

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Do you have erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is officially defined as a frequent inability and/or struggle to obtain and maintain and erection hard enough to penetrate long enough for successful intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is not limited to older men or men with per-existing illnesses because the cause of this very common male sexual dysfunction is a blood flow shortage to the penis.

If you suffer from frequent soft erections or a difficulty achieving an erection it’s the best sign that you are probably suffering from erectile dysfunction.

How many men suffer from ED?

If you have any of the symptoms don’t worry because you are definitely not alone!  Over 92% of all adult men have a male sexual dysfunction to some degree.

What this article is about?

It’s a short piece designed to help you identify with symptoms, causes and – most importantly – the TOP TWO TREATMENTS (see below for the top 2 treatments).

You can and will fix your ED problems just as long as you stop ignoring the signs and understand exactly what you need to do…

Types of impotence

There are three types of this male sexual dysfunction:

  • Moderate – less frequent problems
  • Frequent – occurs so often that its causing you to feel frustrated and lose confidence
  • Severe – complete inability to obtain and maintain quality erections

Causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction because anything that restricts blood flow to your penis will result in either sudden, temporary or long-term ED.

The most common causes are divided into:

  • Physical – diabetes, heart problems, prostate problems, depression, injuries and medication etc
  • Psychological – anything that makes it hard for you to become aroused

The TEST to determine which cause is relevant to you is this:  Do you have erections at nighttime when you sleep?  Do you wake up with an erection?

If your answer is yes, then it’s very likely you are suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors.

Most men suffer from physical ED causes

It’s a fact that only 23% of men suffer from psychological impotence while the rest of us seem to suffer from physical causes.  So why is this the case?

Physical causes dominate because of primarily lifestyle factors that ultimately affect blood flow and arousal – the two key components to achieving and maintaining quality erections.

The key to obtaining and maintaining quality erections

The most important step to achieving and maintaining quality erections is arousal and a healthy sexual appetite called libido.  When we’re aroused, our brain increases production of nitric oxide (NO).  Nitric oxide is the single most important ingredient to erections.

Nitric oxide causes your blood vessels to expand resulting in more blood flow and faster blood flow.

In fact, if you don’t become sufficiently aroused there is no way for you to achieve and maintain rock solid erections!

Impotence treatments

So, we now know what causes erectile dysfunction and what is ultimately required to obtain and maintain an erection but what can you do to fix your problem?  Simply put, you need to increase the amount of nitric oxide produced because this will increase blood flow to your penis resulting in perfect erections.

You have two options when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatments:

  1. Medicated options
  2. Natural options

It’s now very well documented that you can fix your penis problems naturally and without the nasty side effects associated with medicated treatments.

The top 2 treatments that I recommend are:

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