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Why You Have ED

Why You Have erectile dysfunction

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or suspect you may have erectile dysfunction because of various signs rest assured you’re not alone.

Over 55% of adult men have medically diagnosed erectile dysfunction and over 92% of men have a sexual erectile dysfunction.

Yet, only 8% of men seek erectile dysfunction treatment even though there is now a clinically proven, doctor recommended and guaranteed to work natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that always leads to you enjoying 100% natural feeling sex.

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First and foremost, erectile dysfunction is not caused by age and you can easily and safely fix erectile dysfunction at any age.

You have erectile dysfunction because of 1 or a combination of physical and/or psychological factors that always lead to a low libido and blood flow shortage to your penis.

There is always a cause to your erectile dysfunction, even if it’s sudden or occasional and, without treatment, it will never disappear.  In fact, studies prove that by ignoring the signs of erectile dysfunction they will only grow stronger causing more problems in your life.

erectile dysfunction is something nearly all men will experience at some point in time because, obtaining an erection requires so many things to go right.

If 1 step in the erection process fails then the entire erection process results in softer, weaker and shorter lasting erections with unsatisfactory orgasms.

Review the following links to understand why you have erectile dysfunction and how to overcome it safely and effectively!

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