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Why Penis Enlargement Matters

What Will Penis Enlargement Do For You?

Does Penis Size REALLY Matter?
The truth comes out…

Over 97% of men are noted as wanting penis enlargement to improve their sex appeal, sexual performance and orgasm enjoyment.

In fact, penis enlargement is linked to a straighter penis and erection that penetrates harder and deeper for maximum enjoyment.



So, will penis enlargement help you look better (with a straighter penis), penetrate deeper and harder and orgasm more successfully?

The debate has raged on and on for many years… Does penis size really, truly matter?

  • Most women will say YES, size definitely matters. (Unless they have a partner with a small penis, in which case they need to keep their mouth shut! But they’ll likely confess to their girlfriends anyway…)
  • Most men will say YES, size definitely matters. You don’t want to feel nervous about disappointing your woman. You don’t want to be “that guy” in the locker room who always has something to hide.

So the real question is: How big is big enough?


Penis Enlargement – How Large Is Big Enough?

The average penis size is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Approximately 75% of men fall into this range.

  • Some men are much larger — but before you think a large penis is all you need be aware that too big often results in softer and shorter lasting erections that can also cause problems for women!
  • A large penis and following penis enlargement, you will require Fildena to feed more blood to your penis (10 times more blood is required) in order to enjoy stronger, harder and larger erections.
  • More often, however, those who don’t fall within the average range are on the small side. Others who are at the lower end of average are unhappy with their penis size.

The general consensus among women when polled is that they prefer a penis that’s seven to eight inches in length.



When surveyed, the majority of women also say that girth (thickness) is important; sometimes even more important than length!

Most women say a penis should be at least six inches in girth.



I know what you’re thinking…  What do you do if you fall short of the mark?

Is penis size just a genetically encoded life sentence? Will you just have to learn to live with it — for the rest of your life?



Fildena is clinically proven in human trials and 100% guaranteed to improve the size, girth (thickness), hardness and length of your erections. 

In fact, you can try Fildena risk free for 67 days!  Click here to learn more


Penis Enlargement For Optimal Results

Penis enlargement is a carefully researched and proven science that requires the right combination of ingredients to give you the results you want and need and WITHOUT side effects!

  • You probably go to the gym, right?
  • And you watch what you eat, right?
  • There’s no shame in trying to improve our health and our physiques — in fact, it’s something men normally take great pride in.

So why should we be embarrassed about penis enlargement when it leads to better sex appeal, sexual performance and orgasm enjoyment?!?

The fact is, we shouldn’t. Having a bigger penis can make a man feel more confident, more attractive, more virile, and ultimately better in bed.

And that’s good for you AND for her.

Don’t be ashamed of wanting a bigger penis when nowadays it’s so easy to do — and you can do it in total discretion.

  • With a top-of-the-line, all-natural penis enlargement supplement like Fildena, you don’t need to do anything except swallow a tiny capsule each day.
  • And almost immediately you’ll begin to experience bigger, harder erections… increased sex drive and stamina… and better control (i.e., no more premature ejaculation!).
  • And in 67 days, if you don’t see the full results you’re looking for, you won’t pay a penny.

Size Does Matter & Here’s Why…

Penis enlargement will make a huge difference to your sex appeal, penis shape and size, sexual performance and orgasm enjoyment.

As much as your lover might try to reassure you that penis size doesn’t matter it just does plain and simple.

Sure there are ways of making lovemaking not all about the final act and sure you can even use simple techniques to make it more pleasurable for your partner.



But the bottom line is, women get more satisfaction when they can actually feel your penis while you are working your magic.

If you are too small, as much as they say it doesn’t matter, there is less sensation internally for the woman, and her pleasure just is not as intense as if you were larger.

Then, with a larger penis and erection you need help to maintain the erection for longer with Fildena and Tadalista.

So even though there is controversy on the correlation to penis size and performance there still is a valid reason to want to have a larger penis.

There are a lot of studies that have proven that ejaculation is not directly correlated to size either, but it is still a huge turn on for a lot of women to see that huge load.



In their minds, the larger the volume of semen, the more masculine the man appears to be. And who wants to have anything stand in the way of their masculinity?

And if you know you have the package to back that up, you will be sure to go home with the most sought after girl in the pub and be the envy of all the other guys there.

Safest Permanent Penis Enlargement Device

What can you do to experience permanent penis enlargement that won’t cause nerve damage to your penis?

Well luckily for you, the answers to that can be found in one simple product the ProExtender System.

ProExtender™ is designed to provide gentle, painless traction to the penis. The device fastens around the base of the penis and around the corona glans (head) and has a fully adjustable traction apparatus in between.

As you gradually increase the longitudinal force on the shaft of the penis, the body naturally reacts with the multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue.

In other words, the body gradually and naturally adds tissue for a larger and longer penis!

Invented by Penile Surgeon, Jorn Ege Siana M.D. of Denmark in 1994, ProExtender™ was developed after decades of clinical tests and has received extensive backing from the medical community:

  • ProExtender™ is recommended by Physicians in 29 countries
  • 60 Public Hospitals & Private Clinics in Spain alone
  • Tens of thousands of men have purchased the product on the advice of their doctors

ProExtender™ comes with FOUR System Components designed to help men naturally achieve greater length, girth, and increased sexual pleasure:

System Component #1:
The ProExtender™ Penis Enlargement Device

Clients receive the ProExtender™ Device, prescribed by urologists and plastic surgeons in 26 countries worldwide, and featured in such leading publications as The New York Times, The Sun, Men’s Fitness, FHM, and more!

System Component #2:
VigRX™ Penis Enhancement Pills

Get a 30-day supply of VigRX, a daily supplement formulated to help men achieve bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections with increased sexual stamina, vigor, and performance. It’s 100% natural, doctor endorsed, and rated #1 by clients for results.

System Component #3:
Semenax™ Volume Increaser Pills

Clients also get a 30-day supply of Semenax, the daily supplement formulated to make larger volumes of fluid and sperm available for each orgasm, resulting in stronger muscle contractions to ejaculate the increased fluid volume and therefore, more intense, pleasurable orgasms.

System Component #4:
ForMenOnly™ Exercise & Information CD

Finally, clients receive a CD with a tastefully filmed demonstration of the ProExtender™ Device as well as an exercise program for enhanced penile health, size, plus more!

Top 3 Penis Enlargement Systems That Guarantee PERFECT Results



The top 3 penis enlargement products guarantee:

  • Optimal penis enlargement without side effects
  • Improvements to your sex appeal, penis shape and size (straightness), sexual performance and orgasm enjoyment

Step 1:  Always begin your penis enlargement journey using Fildena

Step 2:  Tadalista must always be used to experience instant results and to protect the nerves inside your penis

Step 3:  For the safest permanent penis enlargement results, ProExtender is the only one that’s recommended

All three penis enlargement products are clinically proven, recommended and used by doctors and hospitals and available to try risk free!


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