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Fildena And A Nitric Oxide Erection

Fildena And A Nitric Oxide Erection

What is Fildena and a nitric oxide erection?  In the simplest terms, Fildena and a nitric oxide erection is the ultimate erection that involves maximum blood flow rushing to your penis for harder, larger and longer lasting erections.

After week one I saw no difference but on week two I got stronger, firmer erections. Normally it takes a while to have an erection but with Fildena it comes quick and strong… VERY strong!”
– Emeks Nwosu, Massachusetts

Fildena and a nitric oxide erection is also an erection that leads to stronger and fuller orgasms with faster recovery times for multiple session now possible for men with and without erectile dysfunction.


What is Nitric Oxide?  Nitric oxide is the single most important natural substance in the erection process.  When we’re feeling sexually aroused, our brain sends a signal to increase nitric oxide which results in 10 times more blood rushing to your penis for optimal erections.  BUT, in most men this doesn’t occur resulting in soft, short lasting and weak erections and possibly NO orgasms.

Simply put, Fildena and a nitric oxide erection is an erection all men want and expect but is normally not possible due to so many circumstances such as illness, exhaustion, stress, medication, time pressures, anxiety, alcohol, fatty foods all in addition to the well known causes of erectile dysfunction such as diabetes, heart disease, prostate problems and even depression.

This is a dedicated review on Fildena and a nitric oxide erection for all men!

The FIRST EVER Clinical Study of Fildena™ With Real Men Is Now Complete…

… And The Results Are Outstanding!

In just 84 days, guys saw:

  • 62.82% INCREASE in ability to maintain erection
  • 58.97% INCREASE in ability to penetrate partner
  • 22.49% INCREASE in frequency & quality of orgasms
  • 71.43% INCREASE in sexual & intercourse satisfaction
  • 47.00% INCREASE in sex drive and desire
  • 61.00% INCREASE in overall sexual satisfaction

*Results shown were from a triple-blind placebo controlled, randomized Clinical Study by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD. Individual results may vary.

For the last ten years, we’ve been getting feedback directly from our customers about Fildena™.

Clinical Proof & Evidence – Fildena And A Nitric Oxide Erection

No other natural treatment for erectile dysfunction gives you 100% reliable PROOF – With 84 Days Of Use Fildena Significantly Improves Men’s Sexual Performance AND Enjoyment – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

  • HARDER, longer-lasting erections on demand
  • Erections that look and feel BIGGER to you and partners
  • A noticeable INCREASE in sexual desire
  • Better CONTROL over erections
  • More frequent, more INTENSE orgasms

Fildena for nitric oxide erections has been formulated with a series of 10 potent natural erection precursors, aphrodisiacs, and libido enhancers that quickly build up in your system to measurably improve your sexual performance.

Ingredients directly target nitric oxide levels, helping to relax the smooth muscle tissue of the corpus cavernosa (the 2 long cylindrical tubes in the penis) and its associated arterioles to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in noticeably thicker, fuller erections.

Plus, it includes a series of potent testosterone boosters and aphrodisiacs, many centuries old, known for giving men a big boost of sexual desire, along with other noticeable improvements in sexual health and function.

Just take 2 capsules daily.  This helps your body to absorb the maximum ingredients while also keeping dosing levels in your system consistent.

Fildena And A Nitric Oxide Erection vs Other Treatments

When it comes to natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, Fildena and a nitric oxide erection is definitely the ultimate and, if you don’t agree, you will receive a NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND within 67 days.

My only personal tip is to use in conjunction with Tadalista for INSTANT RESULTS.

Fildena and a nitric oxide erection PLUS Tadalista for INSTANT RESULTS giving you the ability and confidence to enjoy great sex when you feel like it…

  • No planning because there’s no waiting
  • No planning means you get to enjoy 100% natural feeling sex spontaneously



Specially formulated to help boost your nitric oxide levels on contactTadalista delivers a series of potent herbal concentrates straight to your penile tissues for instant results you can both see and feel, including:

  • Immediate rock-solid erections
  • Thicker, fuller looking penis
  • Impressive-looking OVERSIZE arousal
  • Super staying power for longer sessions
  • AND — intense orgasms for EXTREME pleasure!

…All without NUMBING your sex partner, a common complaint you’ll hear about other so-called enhancement oils and lubes.



Try It RISK FREE For 67 Days! … If You’re Not COMPLETELY Satisfied, You Don’t Pay A Dime!

Our promise to you is simple: If you’re not thrilled with the difference Fildena makes in your sex life, with:

  • Firmer, longer-lasting erections!
  • Stamina and sex drive of a healthy teenager!
  • Orgasms so intense, you will be shocked… then thrilled!

“My girth has increased along with my climax capacity… my companion knows that I am there NOW! We have been together for 5 years now. I guess old things get boring… but new things bring excitement! Yeah!”
– Carl D. Ingram, Louisiana

… Then simply send us your empty Fildena containers in the first 67 days and we will refund your entire purchase price — no questions asked!

Buy FildenaFildena And A Nitric Oxide Erection – The Facts
Taken directly from the manufacturer:


Fildena Significantly, Measurably Increases Erection Quality, Control, Sex Drive, and Overall Satisfaction In The Bedroom.

The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Fildena was shown to be a comparable alternative to prescription erection medications, MINUS the risk of unwanted side effects!

After 84 days of supplementation, men who’d taken Fildena were happy with the overall improvements in the sexual performance.

And Vedic Lifesciences reported that:

... A full 90% of the men who’d taken Fildena during the clinical trial chose to KEEP TAKING IT once the study was over, they were SO SATISFIED with the results!  

And in another direct quote received from Vedic Lifesciences:

“In conclusion, the use of Fildena™ for twelve weeks was significantly better than placebo in improving erectile function in subjects with sexual dysfunction. 

It was also significantly superior to the placebo in improving the other aspects of sexual health such as libido, intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function, and overall satisfaction. 

The enhancement of sexual function was endorsed by female partners of subjects receiving Fildena

Fildena was safe and well tolerated in subjects with male sexual dysfunction!”

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