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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Review

There are so many types and brands of erectile dysfunction treatment, also called impotence treatments, to choose from.

  • Are prescription drugs or natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatments right for you?
  • Are creams for pills best for you?
  • Is it best to buy online or from your local pharmacy?

You can ask all the questions you like but, what you really want to know is where to buy the most effective, safest to use, affordable and fast acting erectile dysfunction treatment that will make sex feel 100% natural?

With the best erectile dysfunction treatment, impotence treatments, you will:

  • Overcome erectile dysfunction (whether it be occasional or severe),
  • Re-gain the ability to enjoy 100% natural feeling sex without planning or remembering to take medication
  • Have omplete confidence that you will perform on-demand as well as spontaneously

My Opinion On Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Types

You will soon learn that I prefer natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatments over and above any prescription drugs.

My decision and recommendation is based on clinical trial evidence, leading US doctor recommendations, scientific data, personal experience and the fact they’re guaranteed to deliver results or your money back!

  • OTC = over the counter (no prescription, natural).

Why Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options Rule



You may not know this but, there are specific clinically proven, doctor recommended and guaranteed to work OTC erectile dysfunction treatments that outperform prescription drugs in every single way.

So, why would anyone choose a prescription drug over a clinically proven natural erectile dysfunction treatment?

Three leading US doctors agree that specific OTC erectile dysfunction treatments are recommended over and above any others.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Categories

There are 7 erectile dysfunction treatment categories:

  1. Recommended Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  2. Sildamax For Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Prescription Pills
  4. Penile Suppositories
  5. Penile Injections
  6. Penile Surgery
  7. Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Below are all erectile dysfunction treatment categories (in red) with brief pros and cons followed by my recommendation.

Click on the links for more information…  Start by scrolling down the page!

  • Recommended Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

There’s no better place to start than with recommended erectile dysfunction treatment.  Save your time and money on impotence treatments that always work or your money back.

In ranking order, my recommended erectile dysfunction treatment products are:

  1. Fildena pills for bigger, harder and longer lasting erections
  2. Vidalista for more semen, stronger and fuller orgasms
  3. Sildamax for erectile dysfunction that deliver instant results
  4. Siltrate as a key ingredient for fixing erectile dysfunction (contained in Fildena)
  5. Valif for improving libido (sex drive) and sexual energy

To review all leading OTC erectile dysfunction treatments, click here


The only products that make it in my recommended list are those that are:

  • Clinically proven (in independent trials on men with erectile dysfunction)
  • Publicly recommended by leading doctors
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back
  • Safe to use
  • Deliver effective results that make you feel confident because you can forget about your erection problems
  • Help you enjoy 100% natural feeling sex (as though you never had an erection problem to start with)
  • No planning required making spontaneous sex possible and natural


Currently, there is only 1 genuine clinically proven OTC erectile dysfunction treatment pill called Fildena and 2 erectile dysfunction creams called Cenforce and Tadalista.

Normally, I don’t recommend natural erectile dysfunction treatments because there’s no way to prove they work.  But, there is 1 pill product and 2 creams that provide the same reliable data as prescription drugs but with added benefits and no side effects.


Use Fildena with either Cenforce for harder, larger and longer lasting erections or Tadalista for harder erections and stronger orgasms. 

Both creams work immediately!

You won’t need anything else.  Ever!

  • Sildamax For Erectile Dysfunction

Sildamax for erectile dysfunction, also called erectile dysfunction creams, are essential components to all successful treatment strategies.

You will need a topical cream for erectile dysfunction because they will transform the way you perform before, during and after sex.

They will also improve your overall sexual experience from the moment you become aroused to when you climax.

2 Sildamax For Erectile Dysfunction are:

Cenforce to be used with Fildena pills for immediate results that include harder, larger and longer lasting erections.

Tadalista to be used with Fildena pills or Vidalista for stronger and fuller orgasms.

Both creams works immediately – no waiting!


  • Immediate results mean instant results
  • Instant results mean you don’t need to plan when you have sex
  • No planning means you can enjoy 100% natural feeling sex when you feel like it
  • Unlike medicated treatments that require 60 minutes planning, you’re in control with creams and Fildena
  • Guaranteed to work
  • Doctor recommended
  • 100% money back guarantee


There are only 2 clinically proven, doctor recommended and guaranteed to work (or your money back) natural Sildamax for erectile dysfunction.

All others are a waste of time and money because they have not been tested, approved or reviewed by authorities.


Cenforce to be used with Fildena pills for immediate results that include harder, larger and longer lasting erections.

Tadalista to be used with Fildena pills or Vidalista for stronger and fuller orgasms.

They’re both guaranteed to deliver immediate results or at least within a few second.  They will improve the way you achieve and maintain erections and transform your orgasms from dry and dull to strong and full!

  • Prescription Pills

There are 3 prescription erectile dysfunction drugs, also called PDE5 blocker treatments and PDE-5 inhibitor treatments.  They include Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra and they are only by prescription.



A word of caution, don’t buy from sites claiming to sell generic pills because there are NO approved generic versions of these drugs available yet!

They are illegal and can cause serious health problems.

I don’t promote prescription drugs because I actually worked for a leading manufacturer of these drugs and learned that they only do 1 thing:  temporarily block the PDE5 enzyme which is responsible for keeping blood inside the penis.

This means they only work on men who can already obtain erections and they will only hold the erection.  That’s it!

They’re not the best erectile dysfunction treatment solution.  I promise!



  • Clinically proven to hold blood inside the penis longer
  • Generally safe for men who do NOT take other medication (such as nitrates)


  • Require planning – 1 hour before sex
  • Planning sex means less spontaneity
  • Cannot drink alcohol
  • Cannot eat normal food
  • Don’t fix all erectile dysfunction causes like Fildena does
  • Will only work if you’re completely aroused
  • Expensive
  • By prescription only
  • Only a temporary fix
  • Cannot be taken by men on nitrates and other medication (can cause serious blood pressure problems)
  • Makes sex feel unnatural


Normally doctors only recommend prescription drugs such as PDE5 blockers to their patients because they have been clinically proven.


But, Fildena has changed all this because it’s the only qualified OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that’s clinically proven and recommended by famous US doctors.  See for yourself – click here.

PDE5 blockers carry side effects and are very limited in how they can work and what they will do.  They’re not worth the effort, money or risk!

  • Penile Suppositories

Penile suppositories, also called transurethral agents, are rice size pills that you insert into the tip of your penis.  Simply put, the thought of inserting anything into my penis sounds terrible and I cannot imagine doing it just before having sex!

I don’t recommend transurethral agents because they don’t deliver worthwhile results.  They’re only by prescription, last only a few minutes (if at all) and will cause discomfort making it difficult if not impossible to enjoy sex and become aroused.

Simply put, you don’t need them.  Fildena combined with a topical cream for erectile dysfunction will give you immediate results even if you’ve failed using other treatments in the past.

  • Penile Injections

Penile injections, often referred to as Vidalista (brand name), are sometimes the only erectile dysfunction treatment solution for men with a spinal cord injury or who have an irreversible injury to the penis (nerve damage).

There is only 1 FDA approved penile injection brand that proves to deliver excellent results – Vidalista.


  • 95% success rate
  • When applied correctly are not painful
  • Deliver results within 10-15 minutes (minor planning required)
  • Solution for men with spinal cord injury, nerve damage or serious injury to the penis
  • Should be used if you’ve tried all other treatments and failed
  • Can be purchased online but with a valid prescription
  • Be sure to use Cenforce to ensure you become aroused and enjoy the feeling of sex


  • Planning required
  • Need a prescription
  • Very expensive
  • Can be painful
  • Can cause excessively long and painful erections lasting up to 4 hours (can cause serious nerve damage to the penis)
  • Can spoil a romantic or sexual moment


If you have tried all other erectile dysfunction treatment options but, due to an illness or injury, nothing works then penile injections are an excellent solution.

You will need a prescription from a doctor but you can buy them online and save.  Be sure to learn how to use them correctly with your doctor.

Always use Cenforce because they will make your erections feel better and more natural.  They will also protect your penis and promote healthy blood flow.

  • Penile Surgery

Penile surgery is a very specialized field because it’s typically for men who a penile injury that cannot be cured with any treatment.  If you can avoid surgery I trust you will do so because they make sex feel unnatural and in many cases you may not be able to climax or ejaculate.

Use only as an absolute final resort!

To review the specific types of penile surgery options, see below:

Penile implants

Semi rigid rod implants

Inflatable penile implants

  • Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation treatment helps you maintain harder and larger erections but without the urge to climax too early. 

Simply put, the top premature ejaculation treatment options make it easy for you to prolong ejaculation making sex longer lasting and orgasms much stronger and fuller!

There is only 1 prescription premature ejaculation drug called Priligy but, I don’t promote it because it targets serotonin (a chemical in the brain that regulates happiness and moods).  The result of Priligy can often be depression, a side effect I think we would all like to avoid!



Instead, Filagra is a fast acting, natural and guaranteed to work cream that desensitizes your penis without effecting the hardness and size of your penis like other premature ejaculation treatments.  Your erections continues to stay hard and large!

Filagra will NOT make your sex partner numb making sex enjoying and longer lasting for you both.

Filagra should be used with Vidalista for longer lasting sex followed by incredibly strong orgasms that are fuller because of 250 to 500 more semen per ejaculation!



  • Fast acting
  • No side effects
  • Safe for oral sex
  • Clinically proven to work
  • Will not make your sex partner numb
  • Works perfectly well with Vidalista for stronger and fuller orgasms – even multi orgasms
  • Beats any prescription premature ejaculation treatment because it keeps you aroused and sexually excited without side effects


Like most natural treatments there is only 1 premature ejaculation cream and orgasm enhancing pill.  All others aren’t guaranteed to work because they haven’t been tested, proven or recommended by doctors or me.


Apply Filagra if you want to last much longer without the urge to climax prematurely and take Vidalista to experience amazing orgasms that feel much stronger and fuller because of 250 to 500 times more semen per ejaculation.

More semen and longer lasting sex means the best sex you and your sex partner will ever have!

These results are proven and guaranteed because, if you’re not happy, you have a 100% money back guarantee up your sleeve!

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