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What Is erectile dysfunction

The best way to define what is erectile dysfunction is “any dissatisfaction with the hardness, size and length of your erection”.

If you’re looking for a definition on what is erectile dysfunction, what you’re really asking for is:

  • why are my erections soft?
  • why can’t I maintain an erection?
  • I want my erection size to increase?
  • Why can’t I orgasm?
  • Why do I experience dry orgasms?

Simply put, if you want harder, bigger and longer lasting erections that lead to fuller and more intense orgasms you are experiencing a type of erectile dysfunction.

Understanding what is erectile dysfunction is extremely important because fixing erectile dysfunction can save your life, confidence and relationships.

Fixing erectile dysfunction can save your life because impotence if often an early warning sign of blocked blood vessels.

  • Refer to top treatments to learn how you can safely and effectively overcome erectile dysfunction.

Types of erectile dysfunction

Now that you know what is erectile dysfunction, it’s important to know the types of erectile dysfunction.

Fact:  Over 55% of all adult men have medically diagnosed erectile dysfunction.  Over 92% of men have a sexual erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, nearly all men will experience 1 or a combination of the following types of erectile dysfunction:

  • Sudden
  • Occasional
  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe

So, don’t worry if you experience any of the signs of erectile dysfunction because it’s something we will all experience.

Best of all, there are now clinically proven, doctor recommended and guaranteed to work OTC erectile dysfunction treatments.

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ICD Erectile Dysfunction

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