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ICD Erectile Dysfunction

ICD erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction is defined as any dissatisfaction with your erections and ability to achieve and maintain erections.

An ICD erectile dysfunction reference is an internationally recognized classification for diseases and health problems.

Although there isn’t a specific ICD erectile dysfunction reference, it may come under ICD-10 because erectile dysfunction is caused by a blood flow problem to your penis.

The ICD erectile dysfunction classification relates to the primary cause of erectile dysfunction which can either be (1) physical or (2) psychological.

In any case, soft and short lasting erections and even the ability to become aroused can be caused by a blood flow shortage to your penis.

The specific ICD erectile dysfunction refernece is, therefore, in Chapter IX, block 100-I99, for diseases of the circulatory system. Diseases of the Genitourinary System may also be relevant.

Moving Forward

Understanding the ICD erectile dysfunction code is only telling you that erectile dysfunction is a universally recognized problem.

In fact, 55% of all adult men have medically diagnosed erectile dysfunction and over 92% have a regular or persistent sexual erectile dysfunction.

To help you move forward, don’t focus on the ICD erectile dysfunction classification.   There are clinically proven (in independent human trials on men with erectile dysfunction), US doctor recommended and money back guaranteed OTC erectile dysfunction treatments that are more affordable and safer to use than prescribed drugs.

Fildena is the No. 1 and only approved OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that has been clinically proven to deliver results comparable to prescribed treatments but without side effects and the hassles associated with obtaining and maintaining prescriptions.

In fact, Fildena has been proven to deliver faster, safer and better short and long term erection results because it specifically targets all erectile dysfunction causes.

Unlike ICD erectile dysfunction prescribed treatments, Fildena does more than just provide a temporary solution.

Unlike prescribed treatments that only work on men who can already obtain an erection, Fildena helps you become aroused, achieve harder and longer lasting erections and actually improve your overall sexual health.

Use Fildena with Tadalista for immediate and guaranteed results.  Tadalista delivers instant results and when used with Fildena ensures you can enjoy 100% natural feeling sex spontaneously.  Absolutely NO planning required.

With ICD erectile dysfunction prescribed treatments you will always need to plan, at least 1 hour in advance, when you will have sex.

Planning is never a good idea when it comes to building a romantic moment!

Best of all, both OTC erectile dysfunction are (1) clinically proven to work; (2) backed by money back guarantees; (3) recommended by famous US doctors and (4) affordable making it possible to move beyond ICD erectile dysfunction classifications.

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