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Inflatable Penile Implants

Inflatable Penile Devices

Let’s get into inflatable penile implants for fixing erectile dysfunction… the most popular and most common penile implant. By the way, inflatable penile implants are different to semi rigid penile implants. Check up on both to ensure you’re getting the best for you.

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Some “general info” about inflatable-penile implant devices to get you started…

Inflatable penile devices require hydraulics to obtain hard erections, here are the steps involved in the process:

    • Step 1: Inflatable-devices have cylinders implanted within the penis replacing the soft tissue
    • Step 2: A pump is used to create erections, by pumping fluid (saline solution) into the cylinders. The saline solution travels through tubing implanted during surgery
    • Step 3: When the cylinders are filled with the saline solution the penis becomes erect


  • Difference between 2 and 3 cylinder options: the 2 and 3 cylinder options differ in where the saline solution is stored, how it’s transferred and how the fluid retracts during the deflation process

Let’s move onto some specific information about two-piece and 3-piece inflatable devices to give you information that really matters…

Type 1: 2-Piece Inflatable Penile Implant Devices

  • Around 15% of all penile implants are 2-piece devices making it the second most popular type of penile prostheses
  • The cylinders containing the saline solution are implanted in the scrotum along with the pump
  • Ending an erection with 2-piece penile implants requires you to bend your penis downwards for around 5 to 10 second causing the saline solution to flow back to cylinders deflating the erection. One of the best known 2-piece penile prostheses is the AMS 2 piece device by Ambicor. Unlike several 3-piece options available in the marketplace, you’re limited with 2-piece options

We’ll get to the strengths and weakness of all options soon…

Type 2: 3-Piece Inflatable Penile Prostheses Devices

  • Around 75% of all penile implants are 3-piece inflatable penile implant devices
  • Unlike 2-piece devices, 3-piece penile prostheses devices have saline solution storage components (reservoirs) implanted under the stomach wall, two inflatable cylinders implanted inside the penis replacing the soft tissue and a pump as well as a release valve implanted inside the scrotum
  • When you’re ready to deflate the penile prosthesis (after sex), simply release the value located inside the scrotum to transfer the solution to the reservoirs
  • Unlike 2-piece devices, there are more 3-piece inflatable device options… at least 5
  • More parts means a more costly procedure and more parts to potential malfunction… although the risk is very low, there is always a risk of malfunctioning with any surgical procedure… but
  • 3-piece devices are preferred because, when flaccid they’re actually completely flaccid

Are you ready to find out if semi rigid rod penile implants are more suitable for you? Here we go…

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