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Loss Of Interest In Sex

Is Loss Of Interest In Sex Relevant To You?

Is erectile dysfunction or poor sexual performance causing a loss of interest in sex?

Re-gaining interest in sex and fixing erectile dysfunction is the sole focus of this page.

If you have psychogenic erectile dysfunction caused by depression, performance anxiety or a low libido for example, it’s very common to have feelings of loss of interest in sex. It’s actually very common which is why it’s important we fix it today!

Fildena is the only clinically proven (in actual human trials on men with erectile dysfunction) natural erectile dysfunction treatment that also boosts a low libido (sex drive).  Why take a medicated treatment when trials prove that Fildena delivers comparable results naturally.  It’s also doctor endorsed and backed by a money back guarantee.

[important]Using Fildena with Cenforce delivers an instant reaction that helps you become aroused, sexually stimulated and ready for successful intercourse.  Don’t forget, arousal is the first step to obtaining great erections.[/important]

In fact, losing interest in sex is also relevant, if you are in any way dissatisfied with the quality of your erections and if you have any form of erectile dysfunction.

Let’s face it, when we’re unable to achieve and maintain hard erections that last long enough to climax, we lose confidence and often start avoiding sex completely as a way of avoiding disappointment.

Successful sexual intercourse is an important element to our confidence and a great sex life matters because, our happiness and relationship are on the line…

The great news is, you can easily re-gain interest in sex by understanding your feelings, selecting the right treatment and devoting time to your own needs!

Let’s get into fixing loss of interest in sex today…


What Is Loss Of Interest In Sex?

How do you know if loss of interest in sex is relevant to you? It’s hard to believe or admit we can lose interest in sex isn’t it? Trust me… it happens a lot when we’re simply not getting the erectile performance we expect from our penis! It’s just one of the many flow-on effects of erectile dysfunction.

As with all other flow on effects of erectile dysfunction it’s nothing to worry about. It should only worry you if you do nothing to fix it. With the right erectile dysfunction treatment plan you’ll easily forget to ever had it!

Loss of interest in sex may appear in any of the following feelings and emotions… let me know if any of them are relevant to you:

  • Making up reasons to avoid sexual intercourse
  • Desire less sexual intercourse and intimacy
  • Initiate less sex
  • Depressed
  • Low libido and just not aroused or stimulated
  • loss of interest in sex is often linked to communication with your partner problems
  • Do you have performance anxiety?
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual intercourse is becoming a routine and you find it boring
  • You’re not aroused or stimulated by your sex partner?
  • Are you having sex with more than one person
  • Have you started new erectile dysfunction treatment and still not confident using it?
  • Your life is too busy and you find it hard to allow time for sex
  • Do you have a baby or young children keeping you busy at night?
  • Do you take any medications that cause erectile dysfunction – such as anti-depressants?

It’s a long list I know, but if you can relate to any of these feelings rest assured we are going to get you on the right path today!

Loss of Interest in Sex And Low Libido

Solutions:  1. Fildena pills & 2. Cenforce

A low libido is a very common cause of losing interest in sex. Even if you’re successfully experiencing long and hard erections with PDE5 blocker products such as Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra you may still have a low libido because, they don’t boost arousal or stimulation.

Fixing a low libido is better taken care of with natural remedies for erectile dysfunction because, they specifically work on excitement and arousal (as well as other things).

I would also recommend impotence aids such as erectile dysfunction pump devices because they can really excite a couple before and during sex (they are also a strong player in hardening erections long enough to have successful sexual intercourse) and if possible combine some elements of erectile dysfunction psychological treatment such as therapy and communicating with your partner.

A low libido is easily fixed, so there’s definitely no need to panic! To get the right treatment to fix a low libido, its best to go to my page devoted to fixing a low libido which really helps you understand if your low libido is caused by feelings and emotions or by something organic/physical such as medications that cause erectile dysfunction (anti-depressants as an example).

If you’re taking anti-depressants for example, you may wish to speak to your doctor about having medication holidays added to your treatment plan, adding or changing to bupropion or considering nefazodone. Your doctor will help you decide which option is best for you in treating depression whilst not causing a low libido and erectile dysfunction…

If your low libido is caused by psychogenic erectile dysfunction factors such as feelings of depression, performance anxiety or if you’re having problems communicating with your partner, definitely consider erectile dysfunction psychological treatment such as therapy and without any doubt choose from a selection of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Regardless of the cause, I will help you with complete erectile dysfunction treatment reviews to help you make the right decision.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to continue living with a low libido and loss of interest in sex.  All you need now is the right combination of natural remedies, fun and effective impotence aids and possibly some erectile dysfunction psychological therapy to get your libido back on track to re-build your interest and confidence in sex!

This is where the top 2 natural remedies for erectile dysfunction will give you the ability and confidence to enjoy sex the way you want to.

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction And Loss Of Interest In Sex

Loss of interest in sex can be caused by so many different factors. The starting point for you, is to decide whether you’ve really lost interest in sex or whether you’re really just avoiding sex as a way of avoiding disappointment.

According to evidence based practice…

[important]If depression is relevant to you, one study (University of Missouri, Columbia School of Medicine, Phillips and Slaughter et al., “Depression and Sexual Desire”) reported that over 70% of men participating in the trial experienced a low libido and a loss of interest in sex prior to taking anti-depressant medication. Fixing loss of interest in sex matters![/important]

In the same study, 73% of patients taking anti-depressant medication (with a lower dosage prescribed by their doctor) experienced improved libido and a heightened interest in sex. You see… treatment works!

If you’re taking anti-depressants, consider talking to your doctor about taking bupropion. Evidence based practice suggests, taking bupropion raises libido and improves interest in sex.

If you’ve genuinely lost interest in sex it could be caused by a number of psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes such as depression, changes in sexuality, loss of interest in your sex partner or just too many things going on in your life making it harder for you to be able to pay attention to arousal and stimulation.

In any case, the first three treatment steps I recommend for you are:

Step 1:

  • erectile dysfunction psychological treatment such as counseling and therapy

Step 2:

  • Select a few of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Many, if not most, won’t make any difference but, a select few that I recommend do and they really improve mood function, boost libido, improve blood flow to harden erections and enhance arousal and stimulation

Step 3:

  • Try communicating with your partner strategies, they made a huge difference to my confidence, relationship and interest in sex!

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction and loss of interest in sex are closely linked and both are easily fixed. When you’re selecting all erectile dysfunction treatment options keep the following tips in mind:

  • Select the primary treatment to enhance your erections such as PDE5 blocker products and impotence aids such as erectile dysfunction pump devices because they fix the core erectile dysfunction problem – your erections (hardness and duration) – Fildena is a clinically proven and doctor recommended natural PDE5 blocker!
  • Then, select natural remedies for erectile dysfunction because the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction help harden erections, make them last longer, enhance libido and boost arousal and stimulation as well as improve your general health and well-being
  • Apply a few elements of erectile dysfunction psychological treatment which, doesn’t necessary mean seeing a therapist or counselor – you can start at home, communicating with your partner techniques to improve confidence and your relationship and to boost self-worth and feelings of self-image erectile dysfunction diet tip=

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction With PDE5 Blocker Treatments

It’s a fact, more men enjoy the benefits of using PDE5 blocker treatments such as:

  • Cenforce
  • Fildena
  • Filitra

They are medicated and prescribed erectile dysfunction treatment type for nearly all types of erectile dysfunction because, they:

  • Are discreet and very private
  • Are taken orally and are completely painless
  • Are extremely effective in hardening erections and maintaining them until you successfully climax
  • Have strong safety profiles and can be taken by most men
  • Are very fast working
  • But, they don’t boost arousal, libido or stimulation

[important]BUT, Fildena is a clinically proven natural PDE5 blocker that has clinical results comparable to medicated treatments.  It’s an excellent 1st line solution to enjoying great sex.[/important]

Organic erectile dysfunction causes such as diabetes, cardiovascular health problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hormone/testosterone imbalances (there are more) also cause loss of interest in sex. Studies show, organic erectile dysfunction causes can result in a low libido and low libido, coupled with erectile dysfunction and a reduced level of confidence, can result in loss of interest in sex.

If you’ve decided your loss of interest in sex is caused by organic causes only, it’s important to choose treatment for fixing erectile dysfunction first and foremost.

Why Fixing Loss Of Interest In Sex Matters

If you’re no longer initiating or desiring sex like you used to or how you want to, it will get you down. Feeling down in addition to having erectile dysfunction builds frustration, low self-esteem and often relationship problems at home and work.

It’s so important to select erectile dysfunction treatment that’s right for you to get your sex life back on track. It’s not only do-able… its simple!

Putting it altogether, consider implementing these steps for fixing loss of interest in sex:

Step 1: Where Are Your Feelings Coming From?

Decide whether your feelings are caused by emotional or organic/physical changes or possibly a combination of both (if the cause is a “combination” just use all erectile dysfunction treatment tips contained in this list)

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression combine Cenforce with Fildena because it delivers an immediate reaction to help you become aroused on demand.

Step 2: Feelings Caused By Emotional/Psychological Factors

  • There’s evidence suggesting erectile dysfunction psychological treatment and erectile dysfunction therapy combined with communicating with your partner techniques helps improve confidence and erectile dysfunction treatment decision making because, a loss of interest in sex ultimately involves you and your sex partner.

Step 3: Fixing Loss Of Interest In Sex

  • Type 1: PDE5 Blocker ProductsThese include: Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra OR natural Fildena
  • Type 2: Review All erectile dysfunction Treatments

I normally recommend PDE5 inhibitor products to start off with because, for most men they are by far the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment. There are many other very strong options available to you that I also recommend, as long as you fit the product-patient profile that I describe.

Tips To Dealing With A Loss Of Interest In Sex

(1) Understand your feelings

(2) What’s causing these feelings

(3) Select treatments to fix all unwanted feelings and symptoms

(4) Enjoy your new interest in sex…

It doesn’t make much sense to add medications to your lifestyle if you’re already suffering from a low libido.  This is why the top 2 natural remedies for erectile dysfunction provide significantly better results!

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