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Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

There are many medications that cause erectile dysfunction (continue reading below for a list of medications that cause erectile dysfunction).  It’s also important to be sure and combat medications that cause erectile dysfunction with the top OTC erectile dysfunction treatments (natural).

Do not stop taking any medication without getting prior approval from your doctor.  This page will help you understand why medications that cause erectile dysfunction are affecting you and your sex life.  You will also find the top natural treatments.

You will find that I have reviews the only clinically proven and doctor recommended natural erectile dysfunction treatment that delivers comparable results to medicated treatments.

[important]It’s called Fildena and it’s the only natural remedy for erectile dysfunction clinically proven!  You will need Fildena to give you the ability to achieve hard and longer lasting erections because of better blood flow to the penis.[/important]

For instant results, combine Fildena with Cenforce to counteract the effect medications that cause erectile dysfunction have on your sex life!

Cenforce is intended to be used with Fildena because it’s a topical cream that delivers an immediate effect.

The last thing you want to do when fixing erectile dysfunction caused by medications is to add more medications.  This is why medications that cause erectile dysfunction are best combated using Fildena and Cenforce.

Any chemical, physiological and/or psychological interference to your body will ultimately effect the quality of your erections.

Medications that cause erectile dysfunction is a particularly relevant topic because, so many of them are linked to impotence.

Most medications that cause erectile dysfunction have an effect on:

  • The central nervous system
  • Hormone levels
  • Blood vessels and circulation
  • Nerves and psychological factors of the brain

Also, check the Directions For Use for Over-the-Counter products that may cause drowsiness. Drowsiness and exhaustion will not do you any favors when it comes to performing well in bed…

To get maximum benefit from this topic, have a think about any medication you’re taking or have recently taken.

 Examples Of Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Unlike all other erectile dysfunction sites that I’ve seen, www.erectile-dysfunction-and-treatments.com tells you exactly what you need to know about medications that cause erectile dysfunction. Our goal is to fix it right?

It’s very simple actually, follow these quick steps:

1. Have a think about the medication(s) you are taking

2. Bring your list to the computer and focus on the brand names that I’ve highlighted to determine if you are taking any medications that cause erectile dysfunction. These should be easier to identify with than the names of active ingredient’s.

3. You will then understand why your performance is not as good as you would like it to be, giving you options to fix it with treatment and to seek alternative medication.

How did you go? I hope the following list help’s you identify medications that may be relevant to you.

Type 1 – Anti-depressants And Anti-anxiety Medications

Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Anafranil Clomipramine
Asendin Amoxapine
Ativan Lorazepam
Buspar Buspirone
Dilantin Phenelzine
Elavil Amitriptyline
Equanil Meprobamate
Librium Chlordiazepoxide
Marplan Isocarboxazid
Mellaril Thioridazine
Nardil Phenytoin
Navane Thiothixene
Norpramin Desipramine
Olanzapine Zyprexa
Pamelor Nortriptyline
Parnate Tranylcypromine
Prolixin Fluphenazine
Prozac Fluoxetine
Serax Oxazepam
Serentil Mesoridazine
Sinequan Doxepin
Stelazine Trifluoperazine
Thorazine Chlorpromazine
Tofranil Imipramine
Tranxene Clorazepate
Valium Diazepam
Zoloft Sertraline



Helpful Info:

  • The reason why antidepressants come under the list of medications that cause erectile dysfunction, is because they alter the way you respond to psychological stimulation. They can also because drowsiness and even reduce libido.
  • Don’t sweat! I have treatment solutions covered that will get you back on track. Quick and simple! Look out for the treatments link at the bottom of this page… Fixing erectile dysfunction is only a click away!
  • Fildena and Cenforce are you solutions.

Clinically proven and available to try risk free!



Type 2 – Anti-hypertensives And Diuretics



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Adalat Nifedipine
Aldactone Spironolactone
Aldomet Methyldopa
Apresoline Hydralazine
Bumex Bumetanide
Calan Verapamil
Capoten Captopril
Catapres Clonidine
Dibenzyline Phenoxybenamine
Diuril Chlorothiazide
Dyazide Triamterene
Esidrix Hydrochlorothiazide
Haldol Haloperidol
Hygroton Chlorthalidone
Ismelin Guanabenz
Isoptin Verapamil
Lasix Furosemide
Loniten Minoxidil
Lopressor Metoprolol
Maxide Triamterene
Minipress Prazos
Normodyne Labatalol
Procardia Nifedipine
Regitine Phentolamine
Serpasil Reserpine
Tenex Guanfacine
Tenormin Atenolol
Vasotec Enalpril
Verelan Verapamil
Wytensin Guanabenz

Helpful Info:

  • Beta blockers, thiazides and diuretics are the most common types of medications effecting your performance.
  • It’s important you continue taking medication prescribed by your physician.
  • The brilliant news is, there are simple and effective erectile dysfunction treatments available. Check out Fildena and Cenforce.  They are new types of natural treatments that will give you the ability and confidence to stop medications that cause erectile dysfunction affecting your life.

Type 3 – Parkinson’s Disease



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Akineton Biperiden
Artane Trihexyphenidyl
Cogentin Benztropine
Kemadrin Procylidine
Parlodel Bromocriptine
Sinemet Levodopa


  • Parkinson’s disease effects the brain cells responsible for reasoning, movement, memory and cognitive functions. Parkinson’s disease may also effect the quality of your erection.
  • Definitely continue taking medication that your doctor prescribes.
  • Be positive, though, very smart scientists and pharmaceutical companies with big bank accounts have developed effective, easy-to-take and convenient treatments that we look at very soon.


Type 4 – Antihisamines



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Antivert Meclizine
Benadyrl Diphenhydramine
Dramamine Dimehdrinate
Phenergan Promethazine

Helpful Info:

  • Why are antihistamines one of the medications that cause erectile dysfunction? When fixing an allergy, for example, they can effect blood circulation, hormones and nerves.
  • Don’t stop taking any medication, consult your physician for alternative suggestions.
  • To the good news, fixing it is simple. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to treatment options…


Type 5 – Muscle Relaxants



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Flexeril Cyclobenzaprine
Norflex Orphenadrine

Helpful Info:

  • Muscle relaxants are known to be one of the medications that cause erectile dysfunction. They influence the central nervous system and may alter the way your brain reacts to sexual stimulation.
  • A link at the bottom of this page will take you to treatment options. There is always a solution around the corner…


Type 6 – Prostate Cancer And Chemotherapy Medication



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Eulexin Flutamide
Lupron Leuprolide
Cytoxan Cylophosphamide
Myleran Busulfan

Helpful Info:

  • Prostate cancer medication often act as hormone treatment.
  • Any alternation to your hormones, in particular testosterone, has the potential to effect the quality of your erection.
  • There is a very good side to all this, treatment is easier than you think. See the link below that will take you there…


Type 7 – Anti-inflammatory & Non-steroidal Medication



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Anaprox Naproxen
Naprelan Naproxen
Naprosyn Naproxen
Indocin Indomethacin

Helpful Info:

  • To relieve pain or discomfort, anti-inflammatory medication target nerves and often reduces swelling which, effects blood circulation.
  • Proven-to-work treatment solutions will get your performance back on track! A link below will direct you to impotence treatments…


Type 8 – Receptor Antagonists – Histamine H2



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Axid Nizatidine
Tagamet Cimetidine
Zantac Ranitidine

Helpful Info:

  • These receptor antagonists can cause dizziness, nervousness, headaches and cardiac dysrhythmias.
  • You’ve got it! Fixing erectile dysfunction is simple. Check the treatments link out below…

Type 9 – Antiarrhythmic Medication



Brand                 Name Active               Ingredient
Norpace Disopyramide

Helpful Info

  • This class of medication slows cardiac rhythms. Cardiac function is strongly linked to the ability to obtain and maintain erections.
  • Check with your physician to find out if you have heart disease category IV or V, according to the New York Heart Foundation guidelines.
  • If you don’t, excellent, there is a large range of simple and effective treatment options waiting for you.
  • If you do, rest assured that I have reviewed treatment options for you as well.

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