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Top OTC Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Only Clinically Proven OTC Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Clinically Proven OTC erectile dysfunction Treatment

Fildena is the world’s only:

  • Clinically proven – in triple blind placebo controlled, randomized Clinical Studies
  • Doctor recommended – top 3 US doctors recommending it before any other treatment
  • Guaranteed to work – or your money back

What set’s Fildena apart from other OTC erectile dysfunction treatments is that it’s finally a clinically proven (in Gold Standard human clinical trials – the same ones drug companies use) and 100% doctor recommended product that will make your erections bigger, harder and longer lasting without side effects and prescriptions.  Guaranteed!

It’s the only guaranteed OTC erectile dysfunction treatment because you will have maximum control to achieve and maintain bigger, harder and longer lasting erections – or your money back!

Come to think of it, prescription drugs don’t give any guarantees whatsoever!

This means, you can finally trust an OTC erectile dysfunction treatment to work and deliver results that will give you the ability and confidence to enjoy 100% natural feeling sex when you feel like it.

This OTC Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Increases The Rate Men Seek Treatment & Re-gain FULL Control Over Their Erections!

Fildena is changing the way men are viewing erectile dysfunction and fixing it.

Here are some actual figures about erectile dysfunction before Fildena was approved at the only clinically proven OTC erectile dysfunction treatment:

In the past, these are approximate ED facts:

  • 55% of men has medically diagnosed erectile dysfunction
  • Over 92% has a male sexual dysfunction
  • Yet, only 8% were being treatment!  Only 8% because no one wanted to visit their doctor and ask for sex drugs!

Now, with a clinically proven, doctor recommended and guaranteed to work OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that is free of side effects and requires no prescription these statistics have changed considerably!  Your results are guaranteed!

With this level of confidence in an OTC erectile dysfunction treatment it’s simple to start re-gaining your natural ability to enjoy great sex with 100% confidence knowing it will work for you!

Bigger, Harder & Longer Lasting Erections

Great sex comes down to 3 things:

  1. Ability to achieve rock solid erections as soon as you become aroused to prevent delays and missing an opportunity
  2. Ability to enjoy larger and thicker erections
  3. Ability to stay rock solid for longer

In the past the only dependable erectile dysfunction treatment were prescription drugs called PDE5 blockers.  You will know them as Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra.

But, who really wants to take prescription drugs that require 60 minutes planning, prescriptions, doctor visits where you’ll need to talk about your sex life and products that are loaded with potential side effects?

With Fildena you can find forget about erectile dysfunction and think bigger, harder and longer lasting erections instantly and without planning and waiting – guaranteed!

Top 2 reasons Why More Men Avoid Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Let’s face it, how erections and sex life are our own business right?  We don’t like talking about and we certainly don’t like to buy strong medication to help us achieve erections!

If only we can could trust and depend on an OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that fixed our problem!

In summary:

  • We don’t want to talk about it
  • We don’t want to use prescription drugs, loaded with side effects, to help us enjoy sex!

Recent clinical trial results prove that the No. 1 clinically proven OTC erectile dysfunction treatment Fildena delivers even better results than all prescription drugs. 

Better results are bigger, harder and longer lasting erections that always lead to stronger and fuller orgasms!

Facts That Make Fildena The Best OTC Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

These are the actual results from the human clinical trial on an OTC erectile dysfunction treatment:

  • Increase in ability to maintain erection
  • Increase in ability to penetrate partner
  • Increase in frequency and quality of orgasms
  •  Increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction
  • Increase in sex drive and desire
  • Increase in overall sexual satisfaction

To learn more about the world’s first clinical trial results on an OTC erectile dysfunction treatment:  Click here

More doctors are recommending this OTC erectile dysfunction treatment to their patients because men are finally seeking treatment and restoring their ability enjoy sex!

Dr. Alexis Vazquez, D.O.

“Until I found Fildena, my only option to help patients suffering from erectile difficulties and poor, unsatisfying sexual performance were prescription medications that only treated the immediate symptoms and were often accompanied by unpleasant side effects.

But now with the Fildena daily supplement I am finally able to provide my patients with a solution that not only helps treat the short term symptoms but through the use of safe, all natural ingredients, really addresses the root cause of erectile difficulties and poor sexual performance, creating a permanent long term solution without unpleasant side effects.”

Compared to prescription drugs, Fildena targets the actual cause of your erectile dysfunction – blood flow.  It does this before, during and after sex helping you achieve and maintain rock solid erections but also recover much faster!

Faster recovery means you can finally enjoy multiple sessions of sex without worrying whether you will be able to perform.

  • Instant Results
  • No Planning
  • Maximum Confidence

Prescription drugs only work on men who can already obtain erections and, because they take 45 to 60 minutes to work and between 30 to 60 days to reach maximum efficacy, you need to plan and wait to have sex.

Planning when you’re going to have sex is never good!

With Tadalista, the best OTC erectile dysfunction treatment guarantees instant results.

Tadalista delivers instant results when used with Fildena making you completely aroused and with maximum ability to achieve and maintain harder, bigger and longer lasting erections – guaranteed!

  • Instant results mean you don’t need to plan when you have sex.
  • No planning means no waiting for your erection to kick in.
  • No planning or waiting means you get to enjoy sex when you feel like it.
  • This is 100% natural feeling sex!

With Tadalista and Fildena you’re guaranteed BIGGER, HARDER & LONGER LASTING ERECTION ON-DEMAND. 

  • Tadalista is the only OTC erectile dysfunction cream that increases the size of your erections. 
  • Tadalista will also improves your lasting ability helping you enjoy longer lasting sex without arriving too early and speeds your recovery time for maximum penetration more than once!

5 Steps In The Erection Process – VigRX RX Targets All 5

Did you know, prescription drugs only do 1 thing: temporarily block the PDE5 enzyme being released.

How Do I Know This? 

I used to work for a major pharmaceutical company that manufactured and marketed prescription erection drugs and so I know absolutely everything there is to know about them!

All this means is that prescription drugs only help “certain men” maintain erections for a period of time but do nothing to help you achieve erections or larger erections that always lead to stronger and fuller orgasms.

There are 5 proven steps in the erection process:  Click here to review the erection process.

Fildena is the only OTC erectile erectile dysfunction treatment and any ED treatment for that matter that is engineered, clinically proven, doctor recommended and approved to target all steps.

This means, you’re guaranteed maximum success from the time of arousal to the point of climaxing!

And, with no planning or waiting required when used with Tadalista you can finally enjoy spontaneous and 100% natural feeling sex when you feel like it.

To learn more about the Erection Process, Click here.

What’s Great Sex With Bad Orgasms? 

It’s a fact that prescription drugs only make sex feel unnatural and orgasms feel planned and dry.  Traditional OTC erectile dysfunction products don’t even come close to doing anything!

Fildena and Tadalista are guaranteed to boost your overall sexual performance which includes stronger, fuller and more intense orgasms.

Taking Tadalista not only helps you react instantaneously and make your erections bigger and fatter, it also speeds your recovery time enabling you to enjoy more sex and multi orgasms!

Remember, taking Fildena and Tadalista guarantee instant results.

Instant results mean no planning or waiting!

Do I Recommend All OTC Erectile Dysfunction Products?

Definitely NOT?

I urge you to only trust Fildena because it’s been proven and delivers a guarantee to back you up.

In fact, I would go so far to say that 99.9% of OTC erectile dysfunction products are a complete waste of time and money.

They’re a waste of your time and money because they don’t provide any evidence or guarantees that they work.

Without evidence and guarantees you have nothing which, is why doctors simply never recommend natural treatments.

Doctors, very famous ones as well, do recommend the Fildena as the only clinically proven OTC erectile dysfunction treatment because it’s been through the most expensive and exhausting clinical trials equivalent to prescription drugs!

Think about, why would famous doctors appearing on TV programs such as The View openly recommend an OTC erectile dysfunction treatment unless they were 100% certain it works better than anything else!

It works and you can trust that it will work.  It always does!

  • No Lifestyle Changes
  • All Foods
  • All Drinks
  • No Planning – Instant Results

With prescription drugs you can’t eat fatty foods or drink alcohol otherwise the tablets won’t work or as well.

With prescription drugs there is ALWAYS planning of at least 45-60 minutes required and don’t expect them to work on the first day.  They will take at least 30 to 60 days to reach maximum potency.  Ask your doctor to confirm this, it’s a fact!

Prescription drugs give you no guarantee or assurances that they work!

The No. 1 OTC erectile dysfunction treatment accommodates your lifestyle in every possible way without side effects and a 100% results guarantee!

The decision is clear and that’s why Fildena and Tadalista are the best selling and most re-ordered OTC erectile dysfunction treatments.

OTC Erectile Dysfunction Road Map

  • Review the Fildena in more detail


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