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Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction

Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction?

If you have erectile dysfunction, chances are you’re nervous about sex… resulting in feelings such as stress, anxiousness, depression, embarrassment and nervousness… none of which help to achieve hard erections!

If you have performance anxiety erectile dysfunction and find it difficult responding to arousal and stimulation, psychogenic erectile dysfunction is often a flow-on effect.

The last thing you want to take is a medicated erectile dysfunction treatment to fix your performance anxiety when there are two clinically proven OTC erectile dysfunction treatments available.

Fildena and Cenforce are the only clinically proven and doctor recommended erectile dysfunction treatments that will give you the confidence you need to feel 100%.

You see, feeling anxious and nervous about sex is relevant to us because sex matters! Anything important demands more of our attention and the more important the task, the more we expect of ourselves adding pressure to perform well! The result, full blown performance-anxiety…

My ultimate goal with this page is ENDING PERFORMANCE-ANXIETY so you can re-direct your erectile dysfunction treatment to the best erectile dysfunction treatments such as my preferred impotence treatments: natural PDE-5 blocker products, impotence aids such as erectile dysfunction vacuums and natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

The key to successful sexual intercourse is a positive clear mind and the ability to achieve hard erections that last long enough to climax.

Let’s fix it right now…

Natural PDE5 Inhibitor Treatments For Performance Anxiety erectile dysfunction


You know Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra right?  They are called in a class of medicated and prescribed treatments called PDE5 inhibitors – also called PDE5 blockers.  Most men would prefer to stop performance anxiety erectile dysfunction naturally if they could.

Fildena is the only clinically proven and doctor recommended natural PDE5 inhibitor that’s proven to deliver results comparable to medicated treatments – but naturally!


Fildena has been clinically tested to provide a complete erectile dysfunction treatment for men with sudden, occasional, mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction.

When used with Cenforce it delivers an immediate effects to ensure you enjoy sex on-demand and without planning or delay.

Performance anxiety erectile dysfunction is something nearly all men experience at some stage.  However, when we ignore the signs of performance anxiety it leads to longer term and more severe erectile dysfunction.  It’s therefore important to use two products that are designed with you mind

Do You Have Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction?

Tip:  Do you have problems sleeping?  Sleep continutes to performance-anxiety.  Alteril helps me!

Clear your mind and remember a scenario similar to this one…

You’ve enjoyed a fantastic night, you sense romance building and BAM… intimacy/sex is on the menu as desert! How do you feel when this moment comes? Are you excited and aroused to take this to the next level? Or, do you become increasingly nervous, stressed, worried, mentally occupied or possibly thinking of reasons to either leave or do something non-sexual?

Male impotence problems start at the point of become aroused. If you’re in any way stressed, worried or occupied thinking of anything BUT sex, something we call performance anxiety, it will show in the quality of your erections.

This is something we all want to avoid because, deep inside we want to enjoy great sex but because of male impotence problems controlling our desires and actions the chance of successful sexual intercourse is interrupted.

There is great news to all this… the more you understand about performance anxiety and why you feel anxious will help you fix it… fast.

If you’re able to identify with any of the information contained in this brief scenario you will benefit with performance anxiety treatment and erectile dysfunction treatment.

Treatment Options – Taking The 1st Step

Fildena and Cenforce are the best 1st line treatments to fixing erectile dysfunction.

The first step to fixing performance anxiety is understanding the link it has with psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Don’t worry, having erectile dysfunction doesn’t always mean there’s an “organic/physical” problem with your penis such as diabetes, cardiovascular health problems etc.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction accounts for around 22% of all erectile dysfunction cases because, our feelings and emotions control the first part to getting an erection…

In fact, you could be as young as 20 or as mature as 90 years of age and still experience performance anxiety. The truth remains, if you’re thinking of anything but sex you’re not able to switch your mind on autopilot and enjoy arousal and stimulation.

In addition to all this, the more you think about being nervous and your erectile performance the more your feeding your performance anxiety.

Let’s stop it today!

So, first things first… let’s fix all psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes!

Performance Anxiety erectile dysfunction – Action Plan

Have a think about how you feel when intimacy starts to build… do you feel anxious or nervous in any way?
Really consider why you’re feeling nervous.

For me, I know I often think of bad experiences involving me just not performing as well as I’d hoped for. Friends of mine get nervous knowing they will need to interrupt the session to try and get hard and stay hard… only leading to disappointment.

The truth it, we can all think of times when our feelings got the better of us right?

Alright…here are actual performance anxiety treatment options to consider… in the order succeeded with!

Performance-Anxiety And Communicating With Your Partner

If you’re in a relationship, take my advice and know that, communicating with your partners works!

I know it sounds obvious and daunting at the same time but, the more your partner knows the less you need to hide and bottle feelings and emotions up inside… resulting in less pressure and stress.

Communicating with your partner is so important and because so few men actually do a good job at it explains why performance anxiety is so relevant.

Performance Anxiety And erectile dysfunction Psychological Treatment

It’s not normally a manly thing to do but, consider the opposite for a second. Would you prefer to confidently enjoy successful sexual intercourse or be a man and avoid erectile dysfunction psychological treatment such as erectile dysfunction therapy.

At first, I was completely opposed to erectile dysfunction psychological treatment… why would I need to speak to a therapist about my male impotence problems?In any case, after researching erectile dysfunction psychological as an erectile dysfunction treatment option I learned that, the best therapy starts at home!

Taking my own advice, I became better at communicating with my partner and started understanding that it’s not just the thought of arousal and stimulation that initiates my performance anxiety, it’s work, stress, parts of my life and the pressure to make every sex session the most memorable one rather than just enjoying it….

Fixing Anxiety With Natural Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction

I found that, the absolute best way to reduce stress, anxiety and performance anxiety in general was to research which natural remedies for erectile dysfunction are actually proven to do the job.

I didn’t want to try a new product each month because, I didn’t want to waste the money, lose time or become discouraged by erectile dysfunction vitamins claiming to do everything but actually doing nothing!

You know what I mean right?The fact is, only a small selection of natural remedies for erectile dysfunction actually provide excellent results which I share with you in the herbs and vitamins area.

There are some erectile dysfunction herbal remedies and some erectile dysfunction vitamin products that you’d think work the same way when they actually provide very different results.


Fildena is not your typical OTC erectile dysfunction treatment.  If you know Fildena, Cenforce and Filitra you will know they work.  These drugs are classified as PDE5 inhibitors because they temporarily block an enzyme that helps you achieve erections and stay harder for longer.

Fildena is the only clinically proven natural PDE5 inhibitor.  It provides a complete erectile dysfunction treatment experience without the need for a prescription and nasty side effects.



Treating Performance-Anxiety With Acupuncture erectile dysfunction

I’ve tried everything so take my advice when I say unconventional erectile dysfunction treatments such as acupuncture erectile dysfunction treatment work to relieve stress, anxiety and tension. Acupuncture erectile dysfunction treatment works on the flow of energy in your body.

It reduces stress and helps control the flow of energy helping you feel relaxed and more energized. Any stress and anxiety you have will be diagnosed by a Chinese herbalist and successfully treated with very fine needles strategically inserted… normally without pain.

The Erectile Dysfunction Diet Treatment

Set yourself up for success! For me, when I’m not feeling completely confident about my body and fitness level it shows up in my erections, confidence and ability to initiate sex… especially when I was with someone new. My erectile dysfunction diet isn’t a set of menus and rules to help you lose weight. It’s designed to help your body function more efficiently.

So, don’t be put off by the word “diet” because, I’m really referring to tips to enhance your energy, reduce fat, enhance strength and how to feel good about yourself. For me, even when I go for a short jog or walk a few miles I feel so much better about myself.

I also feel less stressed which must be good! My erectile dysfunction diet information incorporates natural remedies for erectile dysfunction and several other erectile dysfunction treatment options.

By incorporating, even minor tips, from my exercise erectile dysfunction page you will feel even more confident, have a greater self-esteem, develop less stress and ultimately less performance anxiety.

It’s definitely worth mixing erectile dysfunction treatments to get maximum benefit!

Who Benefits Most By Fixing Anxiety, Stress & Nervousness?

Everyone! In my opinion, anyone affected by erectile dysfunction and psychogenic erectile dysfunction in particular, benefits! It doesn’t matter if causes of erectile dysfunction are organic (diabetes, cardiovascular problems) or psychogenic (emotions and feeling such as depression) chances are, performance anxiety is relevant to you.

The sooner you have all psychogenic erectile dysfunction causes such as performance anxiety under control by following the tips listed above, you can direct your attention to specific erection enhancers such as Cenforce, Fildena, Filitra and Fildena.  Why take a prescribed drug when Fildena is clinically proven to deliver comparable results?

It’s always a 2-step process when it comes to fixing erectile dysfunction…

Closing The Door On Sex Related Anxiety

It doesn’t matter if you’re able to achieve and maintain quality erections but still suffer from performance anxiety and stress, or if you have any form of erectile dysfunction and performance is a flow-on effect follow these steps and close the door on performance anxiety.

It’s worth the little effort because, when you’re feeling confident and getting the right erectile dysfunction treatment you win!

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