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What Are Erectile Drugs?

Erectile Drugs Review

What are erectile drugs and are erectile drugs the best erectile dysfunction treatment for you?

There are 4 types of erectile dysfunction treatment:

1.  Natural OTC erectile dysfunction treatment (highly recommended)

2.  Erectile drugs (PDE5 blocker pills such as Fildena and penile injections such as Vidalista)

3.  Sildamax for erectile dysfunction (highly recommended)

4.  Impotence aids such as pumps and vacuums (not recommended)

As an erection expert, I will prove to you why the top 2 erectile dysfunction treatments are OTC erectile dysfunction treatments (Fildena) and Sildamax for erectile dysfunction (Tadalista).


What Are Erectile Drugs?

Facts about erectile drugs:

  • Erectile drugs include brand impotence drugs such as Fildena (sildenafil), Cenforce (tadalafil) and Filitra (Filitra).  Contrary to what misleading sites make you believe, there are NO generic forms of these erectile drugs available or approved by the FDA.
  • Like all other prescribed drugs, you need a doctor’s prescription to fulfill a script for any of these erectile drugs.
  • There are 3 erectile drugs but they all work in similar ways – temporarily blocking an enzyme called PDE5.
  • Erectile drugs do 1 thing only, they temporarily block the PDE5 enzyme which helps maintain higher levels of blood inside your penis helping you maintain erections.
  • The PDE5 enzyme is activated after climaxing resulting in blood flowing out of your penis causing it to become flaccid.
  • Erection drugs take 30 to 60 days to reach maximum efficacy and because they must be taken at least 1 hour before sex, you need to plan when you have sex.
  • Cannot be taken by men on nitrate medication for heart disease and angina.
  • May cause serious side effects.
  • Erectile drugs are costly, require a doctor’s prescription and visits to pharmacies.
  • Erectile drugs do not restore or improve overall erectile function.  They only work for 4 to 36 hours.
  • Erection drugs do nothing else!

In fact, erectile drugs cannot work if you’re not completely aroused and sexually stimulated or if you experience problems achieving erections.  They only work on men who can already become aroused and achieve erections.

Fildena, on the other hand, is a 100% clinically proven and doctor recommended OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that restores blood flow to your penis, boosts your libido and improves the way you become aroused and become sexually stimulated.

Fildena is the only clinically proven, in actual human trials on men with erectile dysfunction, to restore and improve erectile function without side effects for ultimate long term results.  No prescription required and a 100% money back guarantee on offer!

Fildena vs Erectile Drugs

Facts about Fildena:

  • Fildena is the only clinically proven and doctor recommended OTC erectile dysfunction treatment that completely restores erectile function, libido and ability to become aroused helping you enjoy 100% natural feeling sex without side effects.
  • Unlike erectile drugs, Fildena works very quickly and when used with Tadalista delivers instant results that allow you to enjoy spontaneous sex and sex on-demand.  No planning required.

  • Unlike erectile drugs, there are no dangerous side effects associated with Fildena.
  • Fildena is doctor recommended.  In fact, two very famous US doctors recommend it over and above other treatments.

  • Fildena helps you become aroused making your erections harder and longer lasting for a 100% natural feel.
  • Fildena, unlike erectile drugs, does not make you dependent on prescription drugs.
  • Unlike erectile drugs and any other treatment, Fildena targets and restores all causes of erectile dysfunction resulting in faster and optimal longer term results.
  • Unlike erectile drugs, Fildena is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

What I Think About Erectile Drugs

In my opinion, erectile drugs are great but because they are based on older technology and are medicated in nature they are definitely not my preference to help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

In fact, many men are advised to stay away from them because of serious potential side effects –  especially if you’re taking other medication.

If I can offer you a dependable, clinically proven, safe to use, doctor recommended, fast working and money back guaranteed OTC erectile dysfunction solution wouldn’t you prefer it also?

I promise, Fildena is based on the latest technology that helps you forget about erectile dysfunction by fixing the core problems that caused your erection problems in the first place.  For instant results to help you enjoy 100% natural feeling sex and foreplay, use Tadalista because it delivers immediate results!

You have the peace of mind and confidence of doctor recommendations, clinical trial evidence and a 100% money back guarantee to help you move forward with forgetting about erectile dysfunction!

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